Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Death of Volvo??

Saw an interesting article in AdWeek which noted the ten brands that are predicted to die within the next year. One shocked me: the Volvo. I can’t imagine not having this staple of suburban safety, the fridge-like box-on-wheels no longer on the roads, or at least no longer available at dealerships.

Another prediction is that Martha Stewart Living magazine will fold. Hmm, no more pages full of Martha perfection?

What are your thoughts on the top 10? Any others you see falling by the wayside in coming years?

Images from basiclabelsweden.blogspot.it and Martha Stewart Living, via Pinterest

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Health, Horses, Lotto & Southern Gents

Hi, friends. Sorry it's been a bit since I posted, but this last round of chemo really kicked my butt. Hate to admit it, but it did. Luckily, this was the last of the super-harsh stuff. Next week I begin a weekly regimen of chemo that's supposedly a little more gentle on my system. Fingers crossed that's true. It'll go for 12 weeks. While that seems like such a long time, it's amazing to think how much has already taken place.

In other news, this Saturday is the Preakness Stakes, so I'm hoping that our Kentucky Derby-winner, Orb, will claim the second jewel of the Triple Crown. Orb's trainer is Shug McGaughey, a Lexington son who is much admired in the horse industry. Orb, bring home that trophy!

So, in a about three weeks, I turn 40. The plans I had for a fun weekend in Charleston, S.C. have been slightly altered since my cancer diagnosis. So, the lovely crowd of ladies with whom I had hoped to escape to South Carolina are coming to Louisville to help me celebrate. Can't wait! 

What do I want for my birthday? Well, first and foremost, a clean bill of health. But, in case the birthday angels are listening, perhaps a winning ticket in the Powerball lottery this Saturday, too? The prize now stands at $475 million. I don't have to win the ENTIRE thing, but a portion would be nice. Believe me, if I won, not only would I take care of my family, but a huge chunk of it would go to cancer research and helping families who are battling cancer. I'm not just saying this; completely serious. And I would hope that anyone else who wins the lottery would consider the same altruism with their winnings. Don't blow it at the river boat casino, folks.

What else? Oh, yeah, a good southern gentleman to sweep me off my feet. Think I could find one? If you know of a good catch, friends, send him my way. I'm not desperate or anything. Just think I deserve a good guy. ;)

It's almost the weekend, friends. Take it easy and enjoy the time off!

Image salon.com, keepcalmstudio.com and Pinterst

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Next Round

My next chemo treatment is this Thursday. Bring it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Derby!

Happy Derby, friends!

It's been a festive two weeks in my hometown, which will culminate in the Run for the Roses tomorrow.

Yesterday was the Pegasus Parade, a big Kentucky Derby Festival event that marches down Broadway in downtown Louisville. It's broadcast on our local NBC affiliate and about 400,000 people were said to be in attendance. As I mentioned earlier, my daughter is a handmaiden to the 2013 Derby Queen and her court. She had so much fun making appearances at the various events, including riding on the queen's float in Thursday's parade.

Here she is with one of the two young men who served as a page to the court. (These boys are troopers for donning a tuxedo and wearing a pageant-like sash to these events. I'm sure they were more than ready to throw on shorts and a T-shirt afterward!)

Today is another big day at the races, the Kentucky Oaks, which is the running of the fillies.

Over the last few years, Oaks Day has also become a special time to celebrate breast cancer survivors and attendees are encouraged to wear pink to observe this.

And before the running of the Kentucky Oaks, there is a "Survivors' Parade," in which women who have fought breast cancer march on the track and are honored with great fanfare.

It's a very moving sight and I look forward to cheering these women on today. Perhaps next year I'll have the chance to march alongside my "sista survivors!"

If you get a chance tomorrow, be sure to tune into the Derby, raise a mint julep and join us in singing "My Old Kentucky Home." Hope you have a winner!

Images from Churchill Downs, Southern Living and LuluLemon Louisville, Facebook page.