Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer is Underway

I know, it's been forever-and-a-day since I've posted. Life, well, you know the drill. 

On Sunday, the kids and I enjoyed the final day of the spring meet at Churchill Downs. Although, it's no longer spring, as indicated by the heat and humidity yesterday - summer is in full-force here! Luckily, my company has a suite, so it was fun to have a relaxing time with my coworkers and their kids, betting the ponies in the cool AC.
My little guy showing off his big winnings. #kentucky #startthemyoung

Churchill Charlie made a special appearance during the day. As you can see, my son insisted on wearing his cowboy boots - a true horseman. ;) 

Health update: I had another surgery in early June related to my mastectomy reconstruction. On the mend and feeling much better. I'm back at work and glad to be among the living. And, so very thankful it's not last year at this time when I was still undergoing chemo. Life is good!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, although it's flying by. Hard to believe Friday is the 4th of July!

Happy Monday, friends!

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