Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diana: A Celebration

From now until mid-January, the Frazier History Museum in Louisville will host Diana: A Celebration, the traveling exhibit from England. There are nine galleries with more than 150 objects that once belonged to Diana, the Princess of Wales. Included are 28 designer dresses, family heirlooms, personal mementos, tiaras, jewels and rare home movies. And, probably the most popular item in the exhibit, Diana's wedding gown.

Once the kids' fall sports activities end in October, I plan to buy tickets for my daughter and I to attend one Saturday. I was so in love with Diana as a young girl and fascinated with her even as I grew older. When she died, I can remember feeling so sad, as if someone I knew passed away. I don't often feel that way about public figures, but she was different. She was Diana.

Now, I see my daughter enamored with Kate Middleton the same way I was with Diana. I guess all little girls, at some point, dream about becoming a princess some day. So, I find it fitting that I'll take my daughter to this exhibit.

And while Diana is no longer with us, she left behind quite a legacy, which not only includes her humanitarian work, but these two...

...who have grown into these two.

Thank, you Diana.

If you are going to be in our around Louisville in the coming months and would like to see Diana: A Celebration, visit the Frazier History Museum for details on tickets and special events associated with the exhibit.

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Beth Dunn said...

That looks lovely. I'm excited for the movie to come out

teresa-bug said...

I need to look into where this is coming. Just reading this post I get tears in my eyes...I was so upset when she died. Like you, I don't get that way with celebrities, but I just love{d} her!