Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yes, I’m Still Here

Wow, I can’t believe the last time I blogged was in September 2014 – where does the time go?? As we can all attest, life with young children, a career, travel, etc. makes it hard to sit down to write for pleasure. There are moments at the end of the day when my brain turns off and I just want to watch mindless reality TV on Bravo.

As I was catching up on a variety of blogs by my friends in Bloggerville, I was saddened to see that one of my favorites, Andrew Touchstone of Main Line Sportsman, died of a heart attack last October. He often left nice comments on my blog entries and always had an interesting story to tell on his site. He was only 51 and left behind a wife and three children. So very sad.

So, Mr. Touchstone, a belated toast to you. No one can fill your shoes in the web-verse.

Quick update on my little part of the world. Had another surgery in early December – preventive this time, to help stave off the occurrence of other cancers. So, now I’m healthy and happy (not sure about wise, but every day I try!) and striving to make 2015 oh-so-fabulous!

So proud of my little man. At the second grade variety show he played the keyboard and told jokes.

The kids are doing well. My daughter turned 10 in March, which is beyond hard to believe. One of her birthday gifts was finally getting her ears pierced. Her brother filmed it – I won’t share the video because she didn’t handle it very well - Eeek! She’s in fourth grade playing tennis these days. Little Man turns eight next month. He’s in second grade, playing baseball and will make his First Communion in late April.  

What else? Oh, well, I’m no longer seeing the man featured in my last blog post. But, I’m perfectly fine with that. Nice guy, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I’d rather be happy and alone than settle. I’m reminded of that “Sex in the City” episode where Carrie and the girls go to the Hamptons for a wedding. They talk of the need to have “butterflies” when you meet the right person. No butterflies, why bother? I couldn’t agree more. Butterflies are a must. (Probably too much info to share here, but who cares. Take it or leave it.)

Gorgeous flowers in San Francisco's Union Square

In late March, I attended a conference in beautiful San Francisco. After the horrible winter we had in Kentucky, it was so nice to venture to a warm and sunny locale. One of my favorite things about San Fran is the flowers. Colorful, amazing flowers everywhere. This was my second trip to SF, but I have yet to visit wine country. Maybe on a future trip out there.

The view of the Bay Bridge from my hotel room. Lovely sight to wake up to each morning. 

Hope all my friends in Bloggerville are doing well. I will try not to be as neglectful of my blog as I have been over the last year. Of course, easier said than done, but we’ll see.

Happy Thursday, friends. The weekend is almost here!

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Anastasia Schembri said...

Glad to see you are happy and healthy! You have been missed! xo

James said...

You've been missed, wonderful to see you doing so well.

LPC said...

Glad you are well, and your cute kids too. Absolutely no need to settle!

Blue Angel said...

What a lovely blog-! As I was searching Ina for a recipe, I discovered your blog.. only to realize I'm a Johnny-come-lately as your not posting anymore. But reading your life is happier and healthier was a giant plus.
Hope the next six months bring you gobs of joy, great health and love

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