Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Christmas Random Thoughts

Ah, another Christmas has come and gone. I can't believe we're heading into 2012. Where did the year go??

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We still have toys strewn about, but at least they're now in neat piles. There's an air hockey table in my living room, but that will be moved to the basement at some point.

Hubby and I tried to keep spending to a minimum, but we still treated each other to few special items, including...

Yeah, I know you're digging the reindeer PJs.

Anyhoo, I'm aware Tebow's a controversial figure in the NFL because of his strong religious beliefs and public displays of prayer, and some believe it's all for show. Listen, we don't know what's in the man's heart, so give him a break. And, personally, I don't know why Mr. Tebow catches such flack for his beliefs when there are players who do drugs, run dog fighting rings and assault women.

Alas, I can't claim to wear this jersey to make a statement on free speech or politics. I'm an SEC fan and I think Tebow is a cutie. Yeah, deep, I know.

Today I'm hosting a playdate for Miss E. with two of her buds, so that should be fun. It's been difficult to keep the kids busy with the constant rain and cold temperatures. We did go see "The Muppet Movie" yesterday, which was fun. Wish I could have enrolled the kids in tennis camp this week to keep them busy. After Christmas, not much left for that, though. Maybe next year. Of course, now Miss E. says she wants to take piano after spending time with a cousin she adores. That would be great if we owned a piano, sweetie. Let's concentrate on the pink guitar you got for Christmas.

So, how was your holiday? What did you do? Any big surprises this year? (And I don't mean a drunk relative crying to your mom while she looked on in horror, not that that happened during our Christmas Eve festivities.)
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Mariette said...

Dearest Jen,

Indeed, Tebow is a refreshing character compared to so many others that seem a lot 'cooler' in the eyes of the liberal media! Good for you to show this pyama top!
We had a quiet Christmas, you can read about the special Christmas Eve dinner today in my post. Pieter got the flu so it was rather low profile... I did cook for dear friends as she just had gotten home on Christmas Eve from the hospital with a knee replacement. Did deliver as meels on wheels. Nothing romantic but just a gift of love. Life goes not always smooth, all the time... but there will be a better tomorrow as wounds heal.
Love to you and enjoy a Happy New Year!


High Heeled Life said...

you are absolutely right, no one knows what is in someone's heart... Tebow, may just start making a difference in how young people view going to church and praying; now that is much better than the lifestyles other athletes and celebrities lead.

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. We visited with extended family for Christmas eve. Later attended midnight mass and spent Christmas day enjoying our furbabies and puttering about the house (from fridge to you a fabulous New Years eve and 2012!! xo HHL

James said...

You have summed up Mr Tebow perfectly. The media makes "come back kids" out of convicted felons and tries to vilify good men. Oh by the way you rock the jersey and pjs.

Lily Lemontree said...

Not sure who this Tebow fellow is but you look lovely in your jersey!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, sending you and you sweet family all my very best for 2012!!

Ella said...

I'm sorry to hear that you still have a rainy weather, I wish I could share our snow with your children. Our holiday has been great so far (no drunk relative...)

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Haven and Home said...

Loved this whole post, it made me laugh. As someone who took piano her whole childhood I can say a pink guitar is just as good! Couldn't agree more about Tebow, I believe he is genuine, but even if he wasn't why is it so bad to have a positive role model out there?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL 2012!!!!!



LPC said...

I bet your house is a fun place, Christmas or no Christmas. Happy New Year to you, Jen.