Friday, December 2, 2011

Random Recap of My Week

Glad this week is coming to a close. It's been busy and I, for one, am ready for an evening with no homework (my daughter's, not mine) and no battles over bedtime.

Highlights of the week:
  • One of these little buggers called 911 the other night (my bet is on the 4-year old). Luckily, I answered the phone when the operator called back, rather than having a police officer show up at my door. I apologized profusely, then ran upstairs to have a "chat" with  the kids. I've never seen such scurrying in my life.

  • Several multi-hour meetings with company executives and other co-workers this week. It took every bit of patience, energy and creativity I have within me.

  • Idiot drivers - that's everyday, but for some reason, when it rains in this town, everything goes to hell.

  • Bad headaches - I think trying to read on my iPhone is doing a number on my eyes, which therefore gives me raging headaches. Human beings were not meant to read the New York Times on a tiny hand-held device. (Yes, I'm doing this to myself. Let's move on.)

I'm not trying to have a pity party here, so forgive me if I come off that way. While my little man called and hung up on 911, he also gives me hugs and kisses every day and told me this morning that I looked beautiful. It made me smile and I tried to stifle the skeptic in me who wonders if he's up to something.

Also, my darling girl was named "Star Student" in music class this week. Apparently this is a new honor the music teacher is awarding to her students and Miss E. was the first recipient. Cheers to my daughter!

Oh, and one more random thought - although it does align with my crazy week - did anyone hear the story on NPR this morning about working moms vs. working dads, Study: Multitasking Multistressful For Working Moms? The American Sociological Review has done a study on working mothers, concluding that moms multitask more than working dads and that leads to multi-levels of stress. My reaction to this study? No sh*$.

But, it's an interesting report and adds credence to what I've been feeling for the last few years. I plan to print a copy, tie a nice ribbon around it and give it to my husband tonight while I do laundry and read a book to the kids, while checking email and brushing my teeth.

TGIF, friends. We made it through another week.
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Danielle said...

Ha! The multitasking report must have been formulated by a man. Every woman has known this to be true for years! Have a great weekend.

Main Line Sportsman said...

hang in there my dear....and resist the urge to careen your car into the idiot drivers...I find listening to SPA channel or Symphony Hall on XM...if you have it...can calm the raging traffic beast in us..

James said...

You have a wonderful outlook on life,you will do well. Spoons on the noses, too cute!

Jennifer said...

What a great post! So real! Thanks for telling the challenges of life! Every day can be filled w highs and lows and it is our challenge to find meaning and laughter thru it all. You're doing a great job holding it all together. Try delegating things esp w the holiday season w soo much to do.
Sounds like the small print might be hurting your eyes...
You get the Mom of the Year Award for all you do. Take care of yourself first! You're worth it!
Jennifer aka Gigi

LPC said...

I hope you are having a quiet, peaceful, single-threaded weekend:).