Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

I recently discovered the Nashville band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. I am LOVING their sound. It's a little Indie rock with some Country influence. 

Drew's wife, Ellie, also is a member of the band - love her voice! Her sound reminds me a bit of Alison Kraus. I checked their site about tour dates and unfortunately, they're not making it to my neck of the woods. Maybe Hubby and I need to take a trip down to Nashville and catch them in their hometown.

Anyhoo, if you haven't heard Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, here's a live version of Drew and Ellie singing "Hung the Moon."

And here's a more rockin' tune of theirs, "Fire and Dynamite."

Any new music you have discovered of late?

Happy Thursday, friends. One step closer to the weekend. Thank you, God.

P.S. - Quick update on our friends, B and C. Baby Emma arrived on Tuesday night. Yay! Now, they are waiting the requisite 72 hours before they can bring her home. So, we continue to p in hopes that everything goes smoothly with the adoption. And we pray for the birth mother who is likely dealing with a lot of emotions. But, what she is giving to B and C, as well as to Baby Emma, is the ultimate gift of love. Thank you again for your many prayers.
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Ella said...

I like both the music and the video, it feels warm, happy and honest and the peoples seems genuine.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the song...I like it! I will be praying for your friend's and Emma! have a great weekend! Jennifer

Renée Finberg said...

aren't you lucky to be in the center of it all??