Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Blues, Grays and Whites

The tree is down. The lights outside no longer twinkle. The days are cold and gray. Not the best way to start back to school and work after a colorful holiday season.

Many of our houses look so bare now, inside and out. As a remedy to this, I came across a DIY project, courtesy of Style Blueprint that could add some warmth to your front door and make the gray days a little more tolerable.

I love the look of this yarn wreath, featuring winter colors, but because of the materials, adds a little warmth to the scene. To learn how to make this wreath, visit StyleBlueprint's site.

Another post-holiday option is the magnolia wreath. You may already have one hanging on your door, or you can make one yourself. Just remove the holiday-themed bow and there you go. Or, add a bow with winter colors (again, the blues, grays, off-white, etc.) and you have a great winter wreath.

When you take down your Christmas wreath, do you replace it with another seasonal wreath or door decor? Or, are you finished for the season?
Images from StyleBlueprint


Suburban Princess said...

I enjoy the clean look taking the decs down leaves us with. It's sad to take down all the Christmas decor but like all fresh starts, they must involve a clean slate! In a few weeks everyone will have Valentine's Day decor all over the place :O)

High Heeled Life said...

We are slowly taking things down, over at our place. Hopefully all will be sorted, packed and stored for next Christmas, by the week-end.

I like to have a welcoming wreathe at the front door ... a winter wreathe sounds wonderful.

Happy New Year! wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous 2012, filled with many blessings. xo HHL

P.S. Your new bag is gorgeous..xo

Angela Duke said...

What a unique wreath! I love the idea of always having one on the door, each matching the season.

Jo said...

Our pine wreath is still on our door but when it comes down I'll need to think of something new to get us through the winter months.


About Last Weekend said...

Loving the yarn wreath. I have a cone wreath at the moment but maybe I will buy a magnolia one, they are so real.

Bella Michelle said...

I think the yarn ball wreath is adorable! I need to get to work and figure out something for my front door as it does look bare without the Christmas stuff. This year with all the craziness going on with my little guy I still don't have it all packed away. Usually we are finished putting it away by New Years Eve...this year...nope.

Thank you for your kind thoughts are prayers for my little guy during this time! Happy New Year!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

We loved living in Tampa because we would simply replace our CHristmas wreath with a Gasparilla wreath. Our doors seem so bare now:(. I love your ideas!

bellamia said...


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I love that yarn wreath, very creative.