Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Athletic Gear: Does Cost Matter?

Does it make a difference if you wear higher-end workout clothes, such as Lululemon or Lucy brands, versus Champion from Target? Is the clothing better made? Does it last longer? I love the styles that outfitters like Title 9 and Lululemon feature, but I struggle with paying $68 for a workout top. Are these items better made than the yoga tops or running tanks from Old Navy?

I can totally see the need to shell out more money for running shoes or other athletic footwear. You need the support and you’re going to wear these shoes on a regular basis. To me, this is the most important part of the workout wardrobe.

What do you think? Have you worn both higher-end workout gear versus more affordable options? Which do you prefer? Can you tell a difference?

On a related sports note, have you been keeping up the Olympics?

The 17-year old swimming phenom Missy Franklin won her first gold in the backstroke last night. That girl can fly! And, her endurance is mind-boggling. Franklin not only won the 100-meter backstroke, breaking the American record, but did it only 15 minutes after swimming a 200-meter freestyle semifinal. Afterward, a teammate high-fived her and said the least amount of time he's had between Olympic swims was 30 minutes.

"I can't believe you just did that!" Michael Phelps told Franklin. That's pretty damn cool.

We also watched the men’s synchronized diving – that’s crazy stuff! I couldn’t get over the duo from Mexico. The degree of difficulty of their dives was unbelievable. 

Enjoy the competitions, friends!

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Images from John Lyba of the Denver Post, Lucy and Lulumon Athletica Louisville's Facebook site


Samma said...

I normally hit up Target, or TJMaxx, but I recently got a really cute drawsting top form Gap, that was readonalbly rpiced.

High Heeled Life said...

Great post and questions! I agree there is no room for skimping on footwear ! as for the clothing I have invested in both higher-end (lululemon) and department and name brand - what I have found "some" higher -end pieces offer a little more support.But there are also some very reasonably priced pieces that meet the needs of the average person (me) without breaking the bank.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Oh I have LULU Yoga pants, hoodie and a top that are over 6 years old and look brand spanking new. They have been washed hundreds of times and look as fresh as the day I bought them.
Plus they are flattering too so I go with the cost per wearing fact when considering paying the higher prices.

The Entertaining House said...

I cannot justify the high price of the LuLulemon clothes. I think for the most part there are some great athletic pants/shorts out there that are reasonably priced. My favorite yoga/workout pants are from ON. They are well made and give plenty of support. Since I work out 4-5 times a week (sometimes more) I need to make sure I have several workout outfits. I NEVER skimp on support underwear or footwear. Being well endowed I need something that offers a lot of support. And as for sneakers, Nike fits me the best. I have tried other brands but I don't get the same support or comfort.

Metropolitan Mum said...

I don't splash out on sports gear and find that the low to medium priced ranges work just as well - they all fall apart after a couple of washes and after I have stretched them through two pregnancies :)
Shoes, now that's a different question...

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I think it depends. If you can wash every couple of days, it's better to buy the expensive pieces, but if you can't wash often, I would get the less expensive. I have always found that workout and tennis clothes are worth the money. You are on the money on the shoes. Most important.
Happy Tuesday.

Ella said...

I put most of my money on the shoes, when it comes to the other I've beguine to take shorts and t-shirts that my teenagers have discarded. But that's usually for walking and running.

Yes, the OLYMPICS is on the TV many hours right now, have seen much off the swimming, but no medals to Sweden... But we finally got the first one today - silver in a horse sport.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, don't get me started on LuLu Lemon. It's the LV of workout gear--aka, show-your brand-on-your-shirt syndrome. I tend to go towards the middle of the spectrum. Old Navy yoga pants are the best I've found, for reals. They hold their shape & when you combine w/a discount code the price can't be beat. I wear Champion-brand sports bras from Tarjay & I've had the same two for years, yes, years, and I work out 4-plus days a week.

Caryl said...

This is a question I too ponder. Lulu Lemon has
always been my go-to for yoga clothes but the stuff
I bought five years ago is still in good shape.

I go to Old Navy for a cheap pick-me-up when I need
new clothes to motivate me to go to the gym. They
don't last but they do the job in terms of encouraging
me to continue the boring eliptical.

Along with shoes, my other extravagance is a good
work-out bra.

preppyplayer said...

Because I LIVE in yoga pants, tennis clothes, and sport dresses I feel as though I am a bit of an authority.
I really do feel that way, LOL!
But seriously? I sell dresses by spunk wear that wear better than any dress from title nine or atheltica. Only $60 too!
Lulu lemon yoga pants rule! Last forever. Don't get see through in the bum. However, my Victoria secrets yoga pants are just as nice and that was a pleasant surprise.

I have been a ski instructor for over ten years, a skier for 35 years. Best ski pants I have ever worn are my LL Bean pair bought about seven years ago.

Nike tennis skirts from sports authority are fine by me.

All these items mentioned are better off left out of the dryer. That said? Nine times out of ten that's where mine go and they still look great!

Enough of my "authoritative" opinions today ;)

About Last Weekend said...

Holy heck - you have got a seriously great physique!!! Now I really have to get my workout on! Think the more expensive do last longer but I still love my cheaper gear.

JMW said...

"About Last Weekend," my friend, here's my disclaimer: I am not the one featured in these photos. It's actually a couple of gals who are affiliated with our local Lulumon retailer. In fact, one of them won a bronze medal in swimming at the Beijing Olympics and her younger brother is swimming in the London Olympics for Team USA. So, yeah, her physique is pretty kick-ass. :)

Thanks to everyone for your great suggestions - I always love to hear about your product suggestions. Keep the input coming!

Glitterista said...

I love lulu, but wear a lot of ON leggings as well, and Moving Comfort has some fabulous sports bras. I find for tees and tanks I don't need anything super special, but I am picky that pants are thick enough to be modest, especially when in classes where there is bending and twisting. ;)

I also have had some good luck with Nike and Zella at Nordstroms.

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Addie alexa said...

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Jones Morris said...

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