Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Beginning

Summer vacation is coming to a close for my kids. School starts next week and soon volleyball and soccer will replace swimming as the sports of choice. The weather is even cooling down a bit. After a scorching-hot summer, today it's a pleasant 80 degrees with no humidity. Thank you, God.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for our family.

Our baby finished his last day of preschool/daycare. With our two kids, we've been at this nurturing place for seven years. We had to say goodbye yesterday and that was tough. I'm thrilled that our kids are starting new chapters in their lives, but it pulled on my heartstrings, realizing that my baby is bound for kindergarten.

He and Miss E. met their new teachers last night at their grade school. They're both looking forward to the school year, although Little Man was a bit quiet throughout the event. He's usually very boisterous, so I'm sure the many changes taking place have him a little anxious. But, he'll be fine and I'm sure he will adore his teacher and make plenty of new friends. Meanwhile, Miss E. walked in her second-grade classroom like she owned it. Our one-time shy girl is coming into her own.

So, for those of you with kiddos returning to school or for those who are teachers prepping for a new school year, enjoy these last few precious days of summer. And remember the good news: fall is approaching and that means football season is upon us. Enjoy the tailgates, my friends!

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helen tilston said...

Wishing your children and you much happiness in the changes in store.
The seasons fly by all too quickly

Helen xx

Jo said...

It's so difficult moving ahead when so many wonderful memories have been created in a special place. Your little guy looks SO grown up :)

Enjoy the last licks of summer!


Ella said...

I know all the feelings you have when the children take these steps from one place to another, for me it was both joy and a bit of sadness.
I wish him all the best!

LPC said...

Happy kindergarten, little guy! And little guy's mom:).