Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where are your manners?

First of all, congrats to the Louisville Cardinals for winning the NCAA championship last night. While I'm by no means a fan, I am glad that the championship trophy remains in Kentucky, since my Wildcats won it last year. We'll let little brother have it for a bit. Looking forward to kicking your butts next year, guys! And congrats to Louisville's women's team who will play UConn for the championship tonight. Bring it home, ladies!

Okay, quick gripe. Not that I'm old, but I've noticed a younger set of employees in my office building over the last several months. That's to be expected. I've been with my company for close to 12 years, so new people are going to join the ranks. That doesn't bother me at all. But something that does perturb me is the young 20-something guys who walk right in front of me onto the elevator or into the building. They don't hold the door for me or any other female in line. It's all about them. The just forge ahead with their earbuds, backpacks and stupid peg leg pants and plaid shirts. Forget everybody else.

Holding the door for someone is not an archaic practice. It's just good manners.

Where were you raised?? Not that I'm Super Mom, but I've been working with my son on this since he could walk. He's 5 1/2 , but when we approach an elevator or door where other people are entering or exiting and he starts to bolt forward, my hand is gently - yet firmly- clasped around the back of his neck to hold him in place. It's right up there with "Please and thank you," and "Yes, 'mam," and "No, sir." It's manners 101, people. And not just in the South. EVERYWHERE. He's quickly learning and I'm proud of that fact.

When I see this behavior, a quote from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" all-too-often comes to mind, "I weep for the future."

Have you experienced this of late? Do you work with your kids on holding doors and allowing others to go first?

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Samma said...

I HATE that- also when a man exits the elevator first. Or young women barge in front of older women. Do people not know the elevator code?

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I 100% agree! An sorry, but we're not that much older than these "youngens" so I'm not sure what changed over the last decade. Lallie will certainly be raised with manners and if this little one I'm carrying is a boy, he will certainly treat women with respect (elevator or anywhere else).

Yes, congrats to the Cardinals. Not a fan, but do like the title is still in the state.

Kathleen Lisson said...

I was taken aback by an older gentleman recently. I was carrying a package and he offered to help, then laughed. It was a joke to him to offer help to a lady.

preppyplayer said...

You are giving your son the gift of manners- people will like and respond positively to him. Right up there with looking folks in the eye when they speak to you, a firm handshake, using an adult's name in response to a greeting, yes ma'm, please, thank you etc.

It was a part of mothering that I took seriously.

Jo said...

Sadly, manners seem to be a lost art ... along with common sense!!!