Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bicycling Blogs

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m getting serious about purchasing a new bicycle this year, perhaps even in the next few weeks. I’m not looking to compete in races or join clubs where you have to sport the cool gear. I just want to be more active, perhaps tote the little ones behind me (in proper safety seats and gear, of course) and enjoy the scenery. Hubby and I visited a local bike shop near our offices a couple of weeks ago and found some potential wheels. The shop also sells refurbished bikes, so we’re considering buying one used and one new and then getting child seats so we can go on family rides. But, I’m also looking forward to solo rides where I can just get away for a little bit, cruise through the neighborhoods and enjoy some “me” time.

Meanwhile, in my online search for helpful hints for the newbie to the bicycling world, I came across two wonderful blogs: Riding Pretty and Old Bike Blog. Both focus on “slow rides” and refurbishing old bikes. Both are enjoyable to read and have great tips for those who love the “townie” style bikes and those who like to restore old bikes. Enjoy the ride!
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tami said...

I bought a bike at a yard sale and have ridden it to work in the summer for several years. Love it! I found a basket, much like the one in your photo at a garage sale. Perfect for a gallon of milk, library books or berries from the stand. Good luck!
I found your blog through Eloise.