Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday Recap

As I mentioned earlier, I took a the day off on Tuesday to spend it with my birthday girl. It was a good day - we went to the libarary to check out books, had lunch out, went home for a little bit and then went out for a "tea party." The tea party was at her favorite pie and ice cream shop, where she had a big cookie and milk. Later that evening, we met up with the grandparents at her favorite restraurant and opened presents. Best of all, the wait staff sang "Happy Birthday" to her and brought out an ice cream sundae.

On Saturday, we're having a party at the YMCA with her buddies from daycare/pre-school. I'm not big on over-the-top birthdays for kids. We're keeping it pretty simple at the Y and we probably won't do another party with friends for a few years. But, this will be her first party with friends, and since she's been with some of these kids since they were babies, we thought it would should do a party now while they're all still together at the same school.

So, we'll end the week with her party on what is promising to be a beautiful 73 degree day. Yea!