Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keith Urban - Oh my!

Quick update on Saturday's Keith Urban concert: Whoa. He's one Hottie McHottie. I hope Nicole knows what she has there. For someone I knew very little about prior to the concert, I was quite impressed with the show he put on. It made up for the fact that we sat in traffic for close to two hours just to get in the gate (it was during the Kentucky State Fair - don't get me started). Pat Green opened - I was bummed for my sister-in-law, Anne, because we were late for her meet-and-greet with Pat. But, we did hear him perform. He even did a brief tribute to U2 by singing "With or Without You" so he made a new fan in me by doing that. Then, Keith hit the stage and performed for more than two hours. Shew - it was awesome!

So, thanks, Anne, for such a fun girls-night-out! I am definitely going to get his new CD. Woo hoo!


AEO said...

I went to see him in May and also thought he was wonderful! I love how well he plays to the crowd! Glad you had fun :)

Beth Dunn said...

He is super cute--so is his wife. xo

Anonymous said...

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