Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Pearl, little pearl

I’m a big fan of pearls. First of all, the pearl is my birthstone. Second, they’re just a timeless, classic piece of jewelry. Hubby gave me a strand of pearls and matching earrings for our anniversary and I wear them all the time. To work, special events, even with a T-shirt while doing laundry. Love them.

Recently, I came across jewelry designer Meg Carter via the fabulous blog, Summer is Verb. Meg is based in Alexandria, Virginia and she features several pearl pieces. I found out she was offering a special during October – buy one piece of jewelry, get another valued at $65 or less free, in honor of her birthday month. So, I quickly logged onto her site and ordered from the “Towne, by Meg Carter Designs” collection. I loved the fact that she featured a quote by Audrey Hepburn on the page (You had me at Audrey). So, I indulged (I know, it’s a compulsive addiction that must be treated – I will be shredding at least one credit card this evening) and purchased a pair of the “Big Pearl, little pearl” studs and then requested the “Big Pearl, little green" studs as my freebie.

They arrived yesterday, but because I didn’t open the front door last evening, I didn’t realize they were there. So, this morning as I’m rushing around the house getting ready, I found them on my front step. Yea! What a happy surprise to start the day off right!

So, if you like pearls, or you know someone special who loves to wear these darlings-of-the-sea, stop by Meg’s site. She really does great work.

It’s Thursday, kids – we’re almost there!
Images from Meg Carter Designs


QueenBeeSwain said...

those are stunning and you are going to have so much fun playing Miss Priss in them! totally jeal that pearls are your birthstone btw!


Pug1 said...

I luv pearls too!!!!CHEERS! Michele

CRICKET said...

I love pearls, I wear them almost everyday. Will go check her site out.

Jo said...

Love them! I wear pearls daily so I'll be hopping right over to pay a visit.