Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashion Week

Well, I gave into temptation and ordered a dress from Bailey's. Ms. Pamela, the proprietress, was wonderful and responsed to my many e-mail questions. She then contacted me about a new dress that had just arrived (the lovely frock above). Well, I just couldn't resist. So, she expressed mailed it and it should be on my doorstep when I get home today. I know, so much for saving money and sticking with an old standy-by. This dress could become an old stand-by right?

In looking back over the posts of this week, I certainly focused on clothes, didn't I? I guess I could call it my own personal Fashion Week. Luckily, Anna Wintour isn't taking note of my comings and goings (Thank God).

By the way, earlier this week I received a lovely note from blogger The Style Saloniste, Diane Dorrans Saeks . If you have not been to her site, be sure to stop by. She's a magazine editor and has written several books on interior design, style, fashion, architecture and more. She has an amazing eye for design and her entries are full of great insight and gorgeous images.
Happy Friday, everyone!


CRICKET said...

That dress is beautiful!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

That dress is so beautiful and it will be waiting for you to get home tonight. What a lucky girl you are. It is going to be so fun to wear that dress! Also I just love the The Style Saloniste. She writes the best bog. Can you believe the books she has written!

LPC said...

Beautiful. Oh dear. I really do need a new LBD. Really. I do.

Elizabeth said...

love the dress! so class and feminine!

Rita said...

I never mind the temptation as long as I've made a good choice. In this case I'd say your selection was perfect. Enjoy! You will look stunning.