Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hospitals, the Beach and Caffeine Addiction

The roller coaster ride continues. Mom was improving last week and then she had a setback where she didn't speak for three days and didn't seem to recognize us. Here's the deal: Mom contracted bacterial meningitis which caused a mild stroke. On top of that, she has a type of anemia that attacks her immune system, therefore making it very difficult to fight infection. So, to say this is a serious situation is an understatement. But, after three days of quiet, she started speaking last night. She's still confused about some things, but then spot-on about others. The brain is a mysterious entity. We continue to pray and hope that things will improve. You just have to take it a day at a time.

My husband, kids and I are supposed to fly to Kure Beach this weekend. Not sure if I'm going to be able to make it. If I go, I'll feel so guilty leaving my family behind to care for mom. If I don't go, my kids will be crushed (they're already getting weepy over that prospect). Plus, this has been such a stressful year and I could use some time away. Perhaps if Mom is showing greater progress later this week, I can entertain the idea. Just not sure. I know, sounds very selfish of me. All I know is I was so happy to hear her voice last night, to hear her say my name and for her to remember that I am a voracious coffee drinker and addicted to caffeine (Dad was teasing me about my upcoming birthday and supplying me with a Starbuck's gift card, a.k.a., Mommy Crack. It made Mom smile).

While at the hospital last night, I saw a rainbow in the pink sky; I'll take that as a good sign.

So,while I'm longing for the beach, I found this photo from last summer when we went to the Outer Banks. It makes me smile thinking of the fun we had there. Yes, it's random, but so are my days of late.

Cheers everyone - enjoy your Tuesday!


sara said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's setback. She continues to remain in my thoughts and prayers. You do have a difficult decision coming up regarding your vacation - one I don't envy as I know all too well the guilt you feel being pulled in two different directions. My two cents, for what it's worth, is that I think your mom would want for you to go on this vacation and spend quality time with your husband and kiddos.

North of 25A said...

A pink rainbow sounds like a good sign to me! Your family is in my thoughts & prayers.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Do NOT feel guilty if you go...your kids are a priority for you just as you were for your Mom...she understands. Further, you will be better able to deal with all of this with a break and some R&R. If, God forbid..things take a turn...you can fly back.
I lost my Father July '09 after a long slide and have some insight on this...Be strong.

Jo said...

Not the news I was hoping you were going to share ~ so very sorry to hear about your mother and the bumps in the road to her recovery. I'll take the rainbow and pink sky as a positive sign and continue to hold you all in my thoughts and prayers.

I too think you should consider going with your family. If need be, you are only a flight away.


teresa-bug said...

Focus on that rainbow, for sure!!! I have to agree that you need a vacation and time spent with your children and husband. But that is easy for me to say. I will continue to pray for all of you!!

Eloise said...

I have been away from blogging for a week and had not heard about your mom. What a scary time you have had. I pray for her continued healing and for peace and stamina for you and your family as you care for her.

I know you're torn about whether to stay or go as your long-awaited vacation approaches. I think you'll realize the right choice when the time comes (though I don't know what it is! I couldn't say what I'd do in the same situation).

Hugs to you.

Elizabeth said...

I hope that your mom gets better. I understand how torn you must feel. I'm sure your mom would want you to go. I dont have much advice....I wouldn't know what to do either. Sounds like you deserve a break though.

Lily Lemontree said...

Sorry to hear about the setback but I am praying for all good things from now on! She sounds like a fighter!
Tough decision about the beach but I completely understand not wanting to leave your mom at this moment. Good idea to wait and see, keep us posted!

James said...

Main Line Sportsman has the right idea. So much to take care of,remember yourself.

LPC said...

So sorry. Right now you do have to do what is right for yourself. If you want to go, do. If you want to stay by your mother, do. This is your choice, not one to be made out of obligation but out of how you need to live your life. IMHO.

Town and Country Mom said...

Praying for your peace and comfort, no matter whether you go or stay. Good advice from missionary Jim Elliott is "wherever you are, be all there." No second-guessing.

bevy said...

I have been at the beach for the past four days, so my blog READING has been very slack. Thank you so much for letting us know what really caused your mother's illness. She is on my prayer list and will continue to be. (Now I can be specific!!!)