Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Your Teacher

Bear with me while I post yet again about my lovely daughter. We're beginning a new chapter with the start of Kindergarten tomorrow and this is a big deal in our home.

Yesterday was "Meet Your Teacher" day at school, during which Miss E. visited her classroom for the first time and dropped off her school supplies. She saw her new cubby and took in the sights. Miss E. can be very shy, so few words were spoken. But, she did meet one of her classmates, Lily, a very sweet girl, so I'm hoping she will be one of many new friends our daughter makes at her new school. Luckily, one of her pals from preschool will be in her class as well. In fact, I dropped her off at her house this morning so they can spend the day together.

Tomorrow we will walk our girl into school and hand her off to her new teachers. I'm excited for her and a little nervous, but I think she'll do fine. We'll be taking plenty of photos of her in her new uniform sporting her backpack, so I'll be sure to bore you with more images of the big day!

Happy Tuesday, all!


Teresa Hatfield said...

I remember those days. I actually feel the same way each year when my daughter goes back to college. Nothing like being a mother.
Bitter sweet :).
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

Tessa said...

what a little cutie pie! I'm sure she'll do great!

Lily Lemontree said...

I have said it before but I will say it again, you have one cute little miss on your hands, she is adorable! Can't wait to hear how her first day at school goes, my son is also starting school this year but they don't start until Sept. 7. He is so excited he wakes up everyday asking me if today is the day, too cute!

High Heeled Life said...

What a little darling!!! HHL

James said...

Kiddo you can post about your delightful family all you want. It brings back so many memories. I hope she has a enjoyable school year.

LPC said...

Happy Kindergarten!

bevy said...

What a big day for Miss E. - and you and your hubby too! Love the first day of kindergarten. Mine started 6th and 3rd grades this year and it was rather anticlimactic. (Well, S started middle school, but he rode with a friend!)

North of 25A said...

Warmest wishes to your family as you begin this exciting new adventure called Kindergarten! I can still tell you my Kindergarten teachers name; Miss Leib. Your daughter is a cutie pie!