Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tag, I'm It

Meet some of my dinner guests: Gerard, Bono and Matthew

I’ve been tagged by the lovely blogger, Falling Off a High-Heeled Life, to answer a few questions about myself. High-Heeled has such an inspirational story to tell and sage advice to share for those who have been affected by a life-altering experience, be it you personally or someone you care about. Please stop by to check out her blog – you’ll be glad you did!

Now, on to the tag:

1. What three words would your friends outside the Blogging World use to describe you?
  • Funny
  • Sympathetic
  • Worrier
Odd grouping of words, I know, but I worry too much, I am sympathetic to others and I have been told by many that I have a wry (and irreverent, at times) sense of humor.

2. What five people - dead or alive - would you like to invite to dinner and why?
  • Jesus – Because I want to know if I have a shot of “getting in” and I think he would offer the best darn blessing my dining room has ever seen.
  • Bono – I want to discuss his philanthropic efforts and then have him serenade me with “All I Want is You” in my living room.
  • Edith Wharton – for writing advice and gossip.
  • William Butler Yeats – after dinner, I would ask him to write a poem for me.
  • Gerard Butler – Because he’s pretty and Scottish. That’s all.
  • BACK-UP GUEST – If one of the above had to cancel at the last minute, I’d like that teacher guy from “Glee” to stop by. He could join Bono in a duet. And, he’s pretty.

(And, Lord, I was only kidding in the first bullet. I would love to have you over for dinner and I promise to be on my best behavior. I like to think, though, that you, too, appreciate my irreverent sense of humor. :)

(And, for those of you who may be reading my blog for the first time, and you find my list somewhat blasphemous, refer back to question number one. And, lighten up a bit.)

3. Who wrote the last book you read and what was the title?
Fall by Colin McAdam

4. If a movie was made about your life, what would the title be?
"The Write Stuff"

5. What is your favorite hobby?

6. Are you a coffee or tea drinker?
COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE! (Think I should switch to decaf?)

7. If you had to choose, wine or champagne? Why?
Wine; champagne gives me a headache.

8. How do you order in a restaurant: look at the dessert than order the main dish, or just order the main dish and not worry about having room for dessert?
I order the main course and then, depending on how stuffed I am, I may look at the dessert menu afterward. Even if I’m stuffed to the gills, I will still look at the dessert menu.

Rather than tag a specific group of bloggers - because I have so many favorites and it's hard to choose - I'd love to have your feedback on some of these questions. So, let me know, especially on #2: who would make your dinner party guest list?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
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JDB (Chin Up, Pretty Smile, Give 'Em Hell) said...

Irreverant humor trumps them all. Especially when offered by someone you wouldn't generally think of as such. Go girl!

I would have Anderson Cooper over for the pretty. I know he's gay, but he's easy on the eyes.

So Chic Decor said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! It's always great to hear more personal info on bloggers!

myletterstoemily said...

i loved getting to know you a little
bit better. your dinner guests would
be so interesting.

i might add jane austen, the bronte
sisters, and c.s. lewis.

Teresa Hatfield said...

Thank you for sharing! Love your answers. Coffee here!

James said...

Always nice to learn more about blogging friends. I'm pretty sure Our Lord enjoys your humor. If not there are a lot of us in big trouble!

Kerr said...

George Clooney is coming to dinner with me!!

High Heeled Life said...

Thank yuo for your sweet words my friend; and for taking the time to play along... it gives us all an opportunity to get to know one another a little better..

I loved your answer to #2 !! The good Lord made us just as he had planned .. th eworld would be way too serious if someone didn't add a little fun to it!!! Hugs ..HHL

From All Stitched Up said...

This is funny. I liked thinking about this so here goes: The higher ups are a must! Then Martha Stewart, Harry Connick and I agree with the glee guy!

QueenBeeSwain said...

this is why we love yoU!


kayce hughes said...

You might not be as funny on decaf...don't risk it!

Toad said...

Mark Twain, Lucius Beebe, Tom Woolfe Jr., Jane Austen, for starters

Jhonny walker said...

hey..we not only have a commonish name..we also seem to share the love of our lives! Tiffany lady I see

I got to dwell here..:) :)

A Refocused Life said...

What fun - such great answers.

mise said...

Edith Wharton is a great choice of dinner-guest! Maybe Dorothy Parker with her to spark off one another?

bevy said...

I think God is giggling right now...

Haven and Home said...

Oh this was so fun, made me laugh!