Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Mashburns - Southern Chic

Joining Sid and Ann Mashburn are their daughters, from left: Harriett, 13; Louisa, 17; Daisy, 15; Pauline, 8; and Elizabeth, 19. In the photo, above right: cotton swatches for the Sid Mashburn shirt.  

Ann and Sid Mashburn are so cool. Both have successful clothing companies housed in amazing boutiques in Atlanta. Sid’s store features a ping pong table, bottled Cokes for thirsty customers and a fabulous larger-than-life equine painting behind the counter (oh, how I want that for my living room). Ultra cool.

Sid Mashburn - Atlanta

Two Sid Mashburn employees sporting the brand at the Atlanta store.

Meanwhile, Ann’s boutique is light and airy, more feminine, yet shares that “Southern chic” aesthetic for which the Mashburns are known: Tailored cuts and classic lines, yet with a modern twist.

Ann Mashburn, Atlanta

The Ann Mashburn showroom, Atlanta

Did you know that Sid Mashburn designed the J. Crew barn jacket? The barn jacket was a staple of my college wardrobe. And to think that good ‘ol Sid designed it. That piece of clothing went on to bring J. Crew $10 million in revenue each year. Holy cow. That is beyond cool.

Then there’s his lovely wife Ann, who opened her own shop two doors down from Sid this past summer. Love, LOVE her gingham shirts. Like Sid, she also carries other designers, in addition to the Mashburn in-house brand.

The Mashburns are proud parents of five – yes, five – daughters. We’ll see if more Mashburns join the family business in years to come. For more details on the Mashburn family, view this article from Taigon’s archives.
Images take from Garden & Gun and “Fetch,” by Taigon


Teresa Hatfield said...

Such a beautiful and unique space. Love this post.
have a nice day.

James said...

Wonderful to see a family that really is a family in every sense of the word. Unlike the "reality" of TV.

LPC said...

Her website is under construction I hope I remember to check back later...

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my dear I can certainly see why you would want that painting it is gorgeous (I love horses).

What a beautiful story ... hope theeir daughters will join the family business... great post!!! HHL

North of 25A said...

I will have to visit next time I see the in-laws in Atlanta. And those chairs!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

What a great post! I will have to make a point to visit next time I am in Atlanta. Such a stunning space!

Lily Lemontree said...

If I ever make it to Atlanta again, I will definitely be looking for the Mashburns!