Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet My Friend, Tim Gunn

“Make it work, people.”
- Tim Gunn, Project Runway

I am a big fan of Tim Gunn. I love his work ethic, his vision and his tell-it-like-it-is manner. In fact, I’m confident he and I would be GREAT friends in real life. Heck, we already are in my imaginary world. He’s a member of my gay Trinity.

What I like most about him is that he doesn’t break designers down with his critiques. He guides people, educates, but never tears them apart; he’s not mean-spirited. When you see him interact with young designers on the show, you see the former instructor from Parsons – he’s a teacher first.

He’s now on the press circuit promoting his new book, "Gunn’s Golden Rules." While I haven’t read it, I’m surprised to hear that he’s called out some big names in his book -- including Anna Wintour and Isaac Mizrahi -- on their bad behavior.

Now, some people may think that’s burning bridges. But, I for one say, “It’s about time!” I am so tired of seeing ill-behaved, bratty adults rewarded for bad behavior. It’s good to see someone finally shining a light on this and saying, “Hello, world, look at who we are holding up in high esteem – why is this okay?! These are not people to emulate!”

I was really intrigued with Gunn’s comments about Alexis Stewart, only daughter of Martha. Before I read his thoughts about Miss Alexis, I wondered what was wrong with this gal. She co-hosts an XM/Sirius radio program that recaps her mother’s daytime television show, breaking down each scene, and making snarky remark, after snarky remark. Hmm, this is how you treat your mom? Although, it is Martha...

In his book, Gunn calls Alexis “one of the angriest people I’ve ever met,” and recalls making a commercial for Macy’s with her where she constantly cursed her mother under her breath. When Martha arrived to film her scene, he said Alexis treated her very badly in front of others, yet Martha seemed to act as an enabler. He then told of an experience with Martha in which she scolded him on the set of her show, in front of audience members, because he was drinking a Diet Coke, something she deemed unhealthy. Okay. On the oddities between mother and daughter, Gunn said, “There’s something very Grey Gardens going on there.” Okay, anybody who says that is begging to be my friend. Seriously, Tim, we need to get together for some cocktails and gossip. I’ll even let you give my closet a makeover.
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High Heeled Life said...

Oh imagine be lucky to have a closet make-over by Mr. Gunn!!! I love straight forward (not mean) people .. you know exactly where you stand. I think he is an educator (did not know he was a teacher ...and many people thing "they" know it all)and since I think we are always learning I welcome what others have to say ~ I may learn something!!

I think it would fab if you could get to meet him!!!

I have his book on my list of must get too!!! XO HHL

Beth Dunn said...

He calls out Anna? Now I'd be curious to read that!

JDB (Chin Up, Pretty Smile, Give 'Em Hell) said...

Bawhahahahahaha. I'm putting this on my list of must reads!

And maybe I'm late to the party, but who are the other two in your "Trinity"?

Teresa Hatfield said...

If two posts show up, I am having trouble with blogger comments today.
I also love Tim Gunn! Can't wait to get this book. He is addictive!
Have a nice day.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

JMW said...

JDB, the other members are Nate Berkus and P. Allen Smith. Although, I adore Thom Felicia and Carson Kressley, too, so maybe I should expand the Trinity to that of a posse. :)

James said...

My daughters find it hard to believe, but I adore Mr Gunn.His wit,intelligence and personality coupled with his style and classic good looks make him a tour de force of manhood.And no I don't feel the need to beat my chest and chug a beer. There is more to being a man than sexual preference.

pink cupcake vintage said...

Tim is wonderful! I love his gentle honesty!

Danielle said...

I love him too and I love Project Runway for introducing him to me! I love how he told Gretchen how it was a couple of shows ago - she so needed a reality check. If I was a reader, I'd for sure have to get this book.

JDB (Chin Up, Pretty Smile, Give 'Em Hell) said...

Oooo, yes, a posse. I like it! Can you add Anderson Cooper to the mix? You know I love me some AC.

Tessa said...

I'd never heard of Tim Gunn - how out of the loop am I?! I suppose it's b/c I don't watch too much TV. BUT..this books sounds kinda juicy..will need to check it out!

Haven and Home said...

I heart Tim. I am ordering this book and reading it ASAP. I think your posse is the same as mine. Maybe Tim could do our closets at the same time?

bevy said...

Haven't had the pleasure of reading Tim... But he sounds wonderful.

I remember watching Alexis on her mother's show a few months ago. She was so horrid. You can tell she despises her mother.