Thursday, November 10, 2011

Addendum to Yesterday's Rant

Late last night, Penn State football Joe Paterno was fired, as was university president Graham Spanier.


And to you students who took to the streets, destroying property while decrying the firing of both men, namely the coach, shame on you. Let's talk in a few years when you become parents. You'll see the world in a completely different light.

I think public relations professional Susan Young's commentary on the events at Penn State says it all. Kudos to you Ms. Young, who said, "One final observation: Football does not trump the safety of children or any human being—ever."

Image from the Patriot News


Motherkitty said...

I agree with you completely. Heads needed to roll on this. "Big" heads, including Paterno. These people allowed Sandusky to sexually violate little boys, and did NOTHING about it. Why didn't the fellow who witnessed the rape of that 10 year old boy stop Sandusky right then and there, instead of skulking off, not calling the police, etc.? And why then hasn't he been axed? What if it had been the son of Paterno --- or any of the others who were aware of the situation --- who had been violated? Do you suppose they might have done something about it then? It's a shame the students don't see why Paterno is culpable in this. They give no thought to the young victims. Very sad. Thanks for posting about this issue.

AEOT said...

My facebook feed was a HUGE mess less night with people arguing both for Paterno and against (obvs you know what side I'm on). I even got into my first FB fight- whoops, not very polite of me, but seriously, he is in no way innocent. yes, he didn't committ the crime, but he ignored it. I totally agree with that commentary!! Nothing should trump a child's safety, ever!

Main Line Sportsman said...

The events up in "Happy Valley" are staggering...and Joepa had to be did Spanier...the fallout is far from over. Just a horrible scenario all the way around for everyone.

JMW said...

I'm with all of you guys on this. AEOT, I can't believe there are people who are arguing against Paterno's firing. Seriously, those folks just need to read the multi-page testimony from the many victims involved and I think they'd quickly see how many heads needed to roll (and I am sure there will be more in the days ahead).