Monday, November 14, 2011

I'll Take These Heels, Thank You

You're so pretty. Want to come live in my closet?

Did everyone have a good weekend? I can't believe how many activities we packed into a 48-hour period, but we managed to do it somehow.

I've kept up the running routine, but I'm paying for my Sunday run. I took some hills pretty hard and didn't stretch enough pre and post-run. Dumb me. So, I'm paying for it today. With the way my legs and feet are aching, I certainly wouldn't be able to rock a fab pair of heels, like the Kate Spades above. I looked in my closet this morning and decided, "Loafers it is!" But, given enough rest, I could easily slip those babies on (size 7, ahem).

Did everyone have a good weekend? And, as the holidays approach, do you have something like these pretty lil' shoes on your wish list? If so, what is it?
Image from Kate Spade


AEOT said...

Oh, those are pretty!!! I found another pair on her website that I also loved. Good work this season, Kate, good work!!

Keep up the running- it sucks while you're doing it but it pays off in the end. That's what B says anyway- I don't run :)

bevy said...

Love pointy toe heels! Classic with a capital C!

HHL said...

These are tres darling!! and perfect for the holiday celebration heading our way!! I'm working on my Wish List and may have to include a pair of dancing shoes!!! Now you take care of those toes and legs ...Happy Tuesday my friend, xo HHL

Falling Off A High Heeled LIfe

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

LOVE those heels! LOVE!