Monday, November 21, 2011

My Latest Archipelago Purchase

Another busy weekend, but full of fun activities. While the kids were participating in their martial arts class on Saturday, I ran out to find one of my favorite Archipelogo candles, Mahogany Wood. Couldn't find it at the store where I purchased it last year, so went to another boutique across the street, Dandelion. Such a great shop. While they didn't have that particular scent, they did carry a new one called Parfum Noir.
So, I purchased it, committed some earrings to memory should Hubby need any Christmas gift suggestions, and was on my way.

I love lighting a new candle and letting the scent drift throughout my house. What is your favorite candle? Is there one you especially like for the holiday season?

Happy Monday, friends. Thanksgiving is Thursday, which means a short work week. Woo hoo!
Image from Archipelago


High Heeled Life said...

Your candle purchase sounds wonderful!! Love the name Parfum Noir .. sounds magical!! I love candles and though I have not given much thought to the scents I choose, taking a quick look at the small stash I keep on hand .. it looks like I gravitate to the vanilla and lavender base scents.

You have given me something to consider... discovering a holiday signature candle scent ... xo HHL

The Southland Life said...

I love Hearth by Trapp - its very festive!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am a trapp girl, but also love archipelago. I will have to try this scent.
Have a nice Thanksgiving week, Jen.