Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This was the scene last night near the University of Kentucky campus, after my Wildcats beat the Kansas Jayhawks for the NCAA Men's basketball title. I hope there weren't as many couches set on fire or cars turned over as there were on Saturday when we beat Louisville. Seriously, I don't understand that. Yeah, I guess I do. Extreme amounts of alcohol + sports fanatics = very bad things.

I stayed up well past my bedtime to cheer on the Cats. I'm so excited for this win and that it was achieved by such a great group of guys.

Congratulations, team. Well done. 

I'm sure many of you are sick of my college basketball reports. I promise, I'll focus on other topics starting tomorrow. I just want to relish this moment for a bit.

Images from kentucky.com


Kerr said...

Go cats! !!!

Danielle said...

I could never tire of the good old Wildcats! I have such fond memories of winning the title (twice!) when I was in college. Back then they did it big by setting tv vans on fire! You're right, giving alcohol to crazy fans is not necessarily a winning combination! Nonetheless, it's very exciting and I can't wait to see them drive in this afternoon out my front row window downtown (:

teresa-bug said...

While I am still in mourning, I do congratulate you and your team. It was a good game!!

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

Ella said...

Big congrats! I don't get tire, I understand your passion as I have the same for my ice-hockey team and we're playing the fifth semi-final match tonight.

Town and Country Mom said...

My younger son was watching last night when I walked through the room and asked the score. Kentucky was leading, and I said "oh, good!" He looked kind of surprised and said "I didn't know you were a Kentucky fan." To which I said, "Oh, my blog friend will be so happy if they win." :)

JMW said...

T&C, you are so sweet! Glad to hear your son was watching - although the late hour of the game was tough. Very tired this morning.

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes. Very proud of the team. Not proud of the spectacle that took place in Lexington after the win, but proud of the moment overall. :)