Friday, April 20, 2012

Racing Season = Fashion Season

Wow, it's been a week since my last post...a testament to how darn crazy-busy it's been at work and at home.

Now that college basketball season is over (Did I mention that my Kentucky Wildcats won the national championship?), we move on to another of my favorite sports seasons: horse racing.

During one of the race days at Keeneland, if you purchased a hat, you could also have it monogrammed. How cute is that??

Keeneland's Spring Meet runs April 6 - 27. Unfortunately, due to other commitments on the weekends, i.e., LOTS of soccer, it doesn't look like we'll make it down to Lexington for the races. Bummer, because I love Keeneland. If you have a chance to go, do so. And stop by the gift shop. Tons of hats and other great accessories available. Because, you know, racing season is also fashion season. In a big way.
Of course, once Keeneland's meet ends, Churchill's starts the very next day, which means Derby is almost here. Can you believe that two weeks from tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby?? Holy cow.

If you're going to the Derby or a Derby party, be sure to get a fabulous hat. Here are a few available at Keeneland's gift shop - perfect for the Run for the Roses, Kentucky Oaks or other horsey events you may be attend this season.


Have a great weekend, friends!
Images from Keeneland Gift Shop via Facebook


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I LOVE the races and the Derby. Too bad that it's been years since I've been to either :( Our trips up never conincide with the season. I'm planning a Derby party this year though...complete with hats, hot browns and mint juleps. We'll see!

Lily Lemontree said...

I was wondering where you had wondered off to!
Love those hats and I would never give up an opportunity to sport one!
Wishing you a slightly more relaxed weekend!!

Nancy said...

What fun! We are avid race fans at our home, and envy your time at Keeneland! I would love to buy a hat there!
fun times..keep sharing!

Ella said...

I have always dreamed that I could have a opportunity to wear a hat like that.

Jo said...

While I'd love to attend such events, sadly it won't be happening this year. If only I could come up with another excuse to wear a fabulous hat! I think the closest I'll get is a monogrammed hat for the beach :)


sweetpea said...

Oh how fun it is to have an excuse to show that southern prep classic style! Our oldest is going to his first Steeplechase in a few weeks and is so excited!

About Last Weekend said...

Love the monogrammed hat - very stylish (also helpful if one has too many glasses of champers and forgets one's name...)