Monday, April 9, 2012

Cheers to Bubba

Okay, who didn't shed a tear while watching Bubba Watson win The Masters yesterday? What a great achievement for this guy. And it was so touching to see him hugging his mom. Bubba lost his dad to cancer in 2010, so I'm sure the two of them were experiencing a number of emotions at that moment.

And, bigger yet, two weeks before the tournament Bubba and his wife, Angie, adopted a baby boy, Caleb. Angie couldn't be at The Masters because Florida adoption laws require the baby to remain in the state until the adoption is finalized. She did send photos, though, and I'm sure mother and son were over-the-moon for Daddy's win. Below is a pic Bubba posted on Twitter (Love. Her. Hair.)

And speaking of The Masters, what do you think of the controversy surrounding Augusta National Golf Club not admitting women? This issue reared its ugly head leading up to storied golf tournament because IBM has a new female CEO, Virginia Rommety.

IBM is a title sponsor of The Masters, therefore the CEO has always been invited to join Augusta. Now, the all-male club is being lambasted by many over this "tradition," as they decide whether or not to admit Ms. Rommety. The club is calling it a private matter and will not comment. Even President Obama and Mitt Romney have called for Augusta to allow women to join the club. Ms. Rommety was seen watching the tournament (above), but whether it was as a member or just a spectator, we don't know. To be continued.

In addition to watching The Masters, we had a wonderful Easter. Egg hunt, parade and LOTS of candy. One of the best exchanges of the weekend came from our kids:

Little Man: "Sissy, this remote-control Jeep can do anything!"

Miss E.: "Really? Let's see it eat a banana."

Where do they get this stuff??

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
Images from the Daily Mail and Bubba Watson's Twitter feed


Ella said...

Here in Sweden Augusta is a female name and when I hear that name I think of an older very resolute woman, maybe not a golf player herself, but I think she would be angry if she heard that the club didn't admit women.

Lots of candy here too!

Celia M. said...

Happy Easter my dear friend... love the exchange of the little ones!! They are so brilliant with their come backs.

Beautiful photo of the new family... what a blessing for the sweet angel to have been adopted.

hmm...not sure on the Augusta subject.. but hopefully they will resolve it grace and good manners.

Cheers, xo HHL

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Oh I totally shed a tear at the end of the Masters. Truly inspirational!!

Main Line Sportsman said...

The Masters is the only golf I watch...and this was a good one.