Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sin, Music and the Devil

What's on tap for us tonight?

First Reconciliation
Our daughter will make the sacrament of First Reconciliation in December. Parents have a meeting tonight to discuss what to expect in the coming weeks. Many of us have not been to confession in a very long time. My outlook on it?


kidding, folks. Don't send me hate mail. (Okay, maybe there's a little truth in there for us Cradle Catholics. :)

After the meeting at church, a girlfriend and I are going to see Lindsey Buckingham in concert . It's an acoustic performance at a small venue. I've never seen Fleetwood Mac in person, so should be interesting to see one of their front men perform. (I hope he sings "Holiday Road" from National Lampoon's Vacation. Just kidding. Well, I kinda hope he does. :)

Finally, my Kentucky Wildcats play the evil Blue Devils. My thoughts on this match-up? The same thing I've said since 1992: Suck it, Duke. (Yes, I'll be asking for forgiveness for this comment later. Although, I like to think God will give me a pardon on this one; I believe in my heart of hearts he roots for the Cats.)

Shew, busy night, folks.

What's on your agenda, tonight? Anything relaxing or are you burning the candle at both ends these days?

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sweetpea said...

we had a priest who once said that first penance for him was like being pelted with cotton balls!!! You can't help but wonder what those little ones see as sin!
Enjoy your upcoming festivities!!!

High Heeled Life said...

WoW my friend you are one busy mama! - love the term "Cradle Catholic" (being one myself..lol) I have never heard it . I often say I need no "middle man" I like to confess straight to the top.
Wishing you a fabulous day! xo C. (HHL)

About Last Weekend said...

Hilarious!!! Sending this off to my parents they will hoot with laughter. I am a totally lapsed Catholic (My parents were missionaries, my auntie was a Nun, the whole deal) but what I love about the best Catholics is they can laugh about themselves.

Jo said...

Thanks for the laugh ~ there is great truth in those words!

The concert sounds like a fun time. Enjoy some girl time.