Friday, November 30, 2012

The Human Spirit

Just had to share a couple of videos I've seen in recent days that show amazing human spirit.

The first one features two brothers. The older brother, Bailey is a marine, returning to the U.S. after a tour in Afghanistan. He surprises his younger brother, then University of Illinois  basketball player (now in the NBA), Meyers Leonard, during practice. It's a great moment. I dare you not to cry! (Yes, this clip is a little dated, but as many military families celebrate holiday homecomings this time of year,  just had to share.)

You've likely heard of the more recent story about a New York City police officer who is seen buying a pair of shoes for a homeless man. Unknown to the police officer, the kind gesture was caught on camera by a tourist, who then wanted to share Officer Lawrence DePrimo's random act of kindness with the world.

Thank you, Officer DePrimo, for reminding us of how we should live our lives and treat others, especially those less fortunate. You truly are one of New York's finest. And, thanks to the Leonard brothers for showing us the importance of family and to never take our loved ones for granted. Great lessons to carry with us throughout the holiday season and into the new year.

Images from msnbc and the DailyBig10


Lily Lemontree said...

I heard about the officer's act of kindness this morning, it has left a little lump in my throat all day long, bless him for his caring and compassion!

Ella said...

I'm glad you shared this as I'm sometimes getting so tired of the news in media that always report bad things and how evil humans behave against each other with violence and stealing for example. I talked about this with my students this week as we had a lesson about democracy, laws and rules. I told them my opinion that most of the people everywhere wants to do what's right and behave very nice but it's unfortunately those who behave bad that we hear and read about.

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LPC said...

You just made me feel so good. Thank you.

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