Thursday, October 17, 2013

Always treat yourself to something fabulous

I needed a little "fabulous" this morning, so here's a touch of it. 

Another way I like to add some fabulous to my life is by treating myself to a well-deserved gift. If you recall, for my 40th birthday, I gave myself a much-longed for David Yurman ring. Then, when I completed chemo, I treated myself to another much-wanted item: a classic tank watch. 

This puppy will never go out of style. Love it!

I'm thinking that when I complete radiation - which will mark an end to the year-of-cancer, that I need to celebrate that momentous occasion as well. Hmm, diamond earrings? A car? No, I won't go that extravagant, but there will be quite the celebration. One of my girlfriends, who also had a tough 2013, agrees that we need to have a New Year's Eve party to end all parties. 

I think Holly Golightly would agree. 

P.S. - Don't think that you need to spend a mint to treat yourself to a well-deserved gift. Even if it's a nap after a long day, a moment in the sun or curling up with a good book, take the time to take care of you. In the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation, "Treat Yo' Self!"

Image property of A Place to Dwell Blogspot; film image from "Breakfast at Tiffany's


LPC said...

Absolutely. Ab-so-fricking-lutely.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Wearing a black haute couture dress to eat breakfast in Tiffany's about sums it up for me....
carpe diem!

You so go girl...and harness that energy, flaunt that watch...strut your stuff. (all in a good way mind you!)

Lily Lemontree said...

LOVE that watch!! If anyone deserves a celebration, it is you my friend, in any way, shape or form!!