Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks

Can you believe it's been 50 years since the release of Disney's "Mary Poppins?" How I love this film. One of my all-time favorites. 

And coming in December is "Saving Mr. Banks," about how the beloved children's novel by P.L. Travers was brought to the big screen. Emma Thompson plays Travers and Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney. There's a wonderful supporting cast that includes Colin Farrell, Paul Giamatti, Rachel Griffiths and more. (I love the shadows in the above poster.)

British actress Victoria Summer plays Julie Andrews in the film. (I think she's adorable. I'm getting closer and closer to this length of hair!) If you recall, Julie Andrews won the Oscar for her role as Mary Poppins. 

So, I can't wait for the holiday season and to catch what is already being call a lovely film about another lovely, endearing classic. 

Images from Disney and IMBD


LPC said...

My daughter watched that movie, first half one day, second half the next, then first, then second, for months. Her second birthday was Mary Poppins themed. She'd run through house, singing, "Ets do fwy a tite!" (Let's go fly a kite."

I shall have to make sure her 26-year old self gets to see this one. Thanks for the heads up.

Jessica Gordon Ryan said...

how exciting! I think I will love this!

A Well Styled Life said...

Oh my, this makes me feel old. Mary Poppins was a favorite of mine. I look forward to seeing this movie. I love the cast.