Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Break out the boots

We're heading into my favorite time of year: autumn.

This means, it's time to start sporting those boots. And if it's still a bit too warm to wear tights or stockings with your boots, consider these adorable boot socks. How cute are these?? 

Boot socks are available at the Urban Farmhouse Market in Louisville, but I'm sure if you did an online search, you could find other retailers in your area. 

Health update: Thanks again for your kind words when I wrote about my breast cancer diagnosis. Now that I have chemo and surgery behind me, I have one last stretch of treatment ahead, which is radiation. I had my "markings" done last week, along with a CT scan, to line up where the radiation will target my chest wall. So, just waiting to find out when I start. It'll be six weeks, Monday through Friday. I will be so happy to enter the holiday season with no cancer treatments on my plate. 

And, my hair is growing in nicely. In fact, I had a visit with my stylist last week to color it a warm brown. It was coming in very dark with touches of gray and I just couldn't have that!

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!


Lily Lemontree said...

Love the idea of the boot socks, perfect way to transition! I am always a little too eager to pull the boots out and worry heavy stocking will look foolish!
I am so very happy to hear you are in good spirits and doing so well! One more trial to go through and then you are done!
Keeping you in my thoughts as always!

Ella said...

Glad to hear about your health and that you're doing well.

Haven't seen boot socks like that but I like them very much and the boots are also very .... can't find the word for what I feel, but I like them very much!

Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

What a creative idea! So happy to hear you are doing well ... You are strong and this experience is going to make you even stronger ... blessings my friend..C. (HHL)