Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best College in the South

I have to give a shout-out to Hubby’s alma mater, Centre College, which has just been named “Best College in the South” by Forbes. Way to go Colonels!

Hubby and I attended very different schools for undergrad. He went to a small, private liberal arts college, while I attended a large state university (the flag-ship remind, you), both in the Central Kentucky region. We bring two very different experiences to the table, which I think will be helpful when our kids are researching colleges. (We both went away to school, though, which I think is very important to get the full college experience. But, that's another entry for another time.)

While my husband teases me about my Cats (he grew up a Louisville fan; I still love him despite that fact), I know deep down he really likes the University of Kentucky – he did go to grad school there after all. And, I have grown to have a great fondness for Centre, through what I've heard from Hubby over the years and seen when I’ve visited the school. You can’t help but feel a special aura about the place when you step on the campus. And every graduate I’ve known feels that way.

So, I raise a toast to Centre College for earning yet another fine distinction. And, I say a prayer that when it’s time for our kids to attend Centre, they either have been awarded academic scholarships, or we have won the lottery.

P.S. – I should also recognize the number three school on that list, Washington and Lee University, where my BIL attended undergrad and years later, his lovely wife, my SIL, was a professor. Talk about a picturesque campus – gorgeous!


QueenBeeSwain said...

hip hip hooray!


teresa-bug said...

My parents were pretty adamant about us going away to school. I was 8 hours away, and although it was tough sometimes, it made me a stronger person.
Congrats to your husband's school! I love seeing KU (not to be confused with UK) in print like that!

James said...

I agree, all 3 of mine went away to school. It does add a lot to the experience.

pve design said...

My twins take the SAT this saturday and have the college books to begin this arduous task of college applications. The guidance counselors tell us that it is a good time to really get to know your kids. I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. I loved college. It is fun to learn about colleges - some I know and so many I have never even heard of!
Thanks for your kind comments.

Lily Lemontree said...

As much as it must pain the parents, going away to school is one of the best experiences we can offer our children. What a beautiful campus!

Miss E said...

As a graduate of Centre I was so thrilled to see it named "the best."
Even though it was only 40 minutes from my home, I might as well have been in California. I never went home on the weekends!!

Preppy 101 said...

Yay for Centre! I have a former student in school there right now!! xoxo

bevysblog said...

My cousin went there... she is a BIG horse person and had a ball. Wonderful for her and your hubby!