Monday, January 25, 2010

Who dat?!

For my brother-bloggers, as well as my sister bloggers who enjoy the gridiron, this one's for you: Who dat?! Cheers to the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints for making the Super Bowl!

I’m a big Colts fan (love Peyton Manning), so I was thrilled with their win yesterday. In the NFC Championship, I was pulling hard for the Saints, in hopes of them making it to their first-ever Super Bowl appearance. They didn’t disappoint, although the Vikings sure gave them a run for their money. Great game, guys. So, the two teams I wanted to see in the Super Bowl are going. It should make for a great game.

In other news from the home front, the weekend was full of errands. I finally got around to having one of my lamps fixed, and purchased a new fleur de lis finial to top it off. Perhaps that was a sign that the Saints were going to win? The temperature warmed up a bit on Saturday, so we took the kids to the playground and ran them hard. They fell asleep in the car, which was a beautiful thing.

That night, we attended a trivia contest with family and friends. We’ve been going to this contest for the last five years. We also attended one the weekend before at our church. We joke that we’re on the “circuit.” But, it’s all for good causes (both schools’ PTOs) and it finally gives me an opportunity to be rewarded for all of the useless, pop culture information I carry around in my head. And, if you’re not doing well in the contest, at least they serve beer, so it’s not a total loss. ;)

The weekend concluded with lots of laundry and football. I have a feeling that was the theme in most households yesterday.

Happy Monday, everyone!
Images courtesy of ESPN


Metropolitan Mum said...

Absolutely no clue whom you are talking about. But the pictures once again show your great sense for the beautiful things in life. :-)

Preppy 101 said...

Yes, totally football here yesterday. Love Peyton, too!! And so glad the Saints made it. xoxo

JMW said...

Metropolitan Mum,
The Super Bowl is the U.S.'s equivalent to the finals of soccer's (or your football) World Cup. It's huge, at least here. Glad you like the photos, though! ;)

James said...

I was a Colts fan when I was growing up and have never forgiven them for leaving Baltimore. Still I do like The Manning Boys so go Colts!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I was so disappointed Dallas didn't make it to the Superbowl. Oh well, maybe next year...when it's played here!

Southern Aspirations said...

I'm with James on the Colt front... was "taught" they were bad ever since they left Baltimore. but great games all around!!