Monday, April 26, 2010

Ballet, Soccer and Laundry Oh, My!

This past weekend was full of activity, from kids' events to sprucing up the house for Derby season, to countless loads of laundry.

Because of the rain, our daughter's two soccer games were cancelled, yet our son's game went on as scheduled. Go figure. I guess the YMCA is a lot less strict about their fields than the local Catholic grade schools. ;)

On Saturday, Miss E. had her dance recital, followed by a tea party. It was such a sweet event. Her teacher is a long-time ballet instructor in the community and I love that my daughter had the opportunity to take lessons from her. She talks about wanting to do it again in the fall, so we'll see.

I was asked by a reader last week if I had any tips for Derby. Now, as far as betting, I need to study up a bit, and then I'll have to consult Hubby, who has always been great at picking the ponies. Then, in regard to hats, dresses, shoes, etc., I'll be sure to comment on those items as well. So, if you're not too tired of hearing about Derby, tune in this week for some tips!


mise said...

Oh the laundry! There must be a patron saint of Perpetual Laundry someplace. Miss E. looks a star.

Anonymous said...

Hi! The weather here was dreadful too. Look how cute she is in her tutu! Hope you have a great week! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the picyture in her Tutu ~

Main Line Sportsman said...

Unfortunately today's news tell us that the Derby favorite Eskndereya is a scractch for the big race...there go several of my exacta picks.

myletterstoemily said...

can't wait to see your ideas for 'derby'

i loved your 'lions, and tigers, and bears!'

Lily Lemontree said...

How cute is that daughter of yours?!?! I see she takes after her mom!
Can't wait for your Derby posts!

James said...

On a scale of 1-10 for adorable, your daughter is a 15! Enjoy each moment no matter how hectic.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Cute!! I would love to sometime in my life take in the derby, so reading all about it through you is wonderful!xx
Great blog, I'm a new follower.

Jo said...

The look on her face in the second photo is too much ~ love it!

How I would love to attend the derby ~ one day!


A Refocused Life said...

Precious little lady in the tutu!

I was always thrilled when soccer games were canceled. The activity and time were already scheduled on my Saturday calendar, so a cancellation meant my daughter and I had two (unexpected) free hours to find something special to do together.

Have a wonderful week.

JMW said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!

And, Rita, I have to admit, too, that I was glad that a couple of the soccer games were rained out. We already had far too much going on and it worked at well in the end!

Trish said...

Oh how fun, I am just absolutely giddy over her expression in the second photo, what a little beauty she is. I am so glad she got to take ballet from such a well respected instructor - as a former ballerina even though she is young, she will remember her teacher. There was an instructor I had when we lived in Alabama that actually found me on FB a few months ago, isn't that wild? I love her little crown!

Hope your Derby week is off to a great start! xo

bevy said...

Laundry is a four letter word! I am in the process of teaching my two boys how to do their own laundry. S. will have Monday and J. will have Wednesday. We'll see how it goes!

And love your cute daughter in her tu-tu!