Friday, April 1, 2011

Get Your Game Face On!

Houston, you have a problem. The Wildcats are coming to town.

Did you hear? The Kentucky Wildcats are in the Final Four! What? Oh, did I already mention that? A few hundred times, you say? Sorry, I just never get tired of saying it!

C-A-T-S! CATS!! CATS!! CATS!! Folks in Houston will be hearing that cheer a lot this weekend.

I’m actually nursing a cold right now, so an ideal weekend for me would involve propping myself up in bed with the remote in one hand and my Kindle in the other while I doze on and off throughout the day. At the very least, I hope to catch some extra sleep so I can get try to get rid of this God-awful thing. Then, stay up late Saturday to cheer on my Cats!

In other news, congrats to my dad who officially retired yesterday. Woo hoo! Many golf courses await his arrival. And, Dad, if you want to watch my kids or run a few errands for us now that you have some extra time, be our guest. :)

It’s spring break around these parts. We don’t have plans to travel anywhere this year, much to the chagrin of our daughter. Oh, well. Maybe we’ll get our act together and plan something for next spring break.

Fabulous Friday has arrived – enjoy the weekend, folks!
Images from Sea of Blue and SEC Sports Fan


Jessi said...

GO CATS!!! Looking forward to watching the game. I wish it wasn't the late game. That is getting past this momma's bed time!!

Kerr said...

hope you get to feeling better soon!

GO CATS! I am so nervous...

Lisa said...

Uggggh just got over a nasty one myself. Hope you will be on the mend soon!
Now how about those Cats!
Our anniversary is tomorrow and when I asked the MR. Where he had made reservations he said....but the game will be on....but we could eat first! Sounds like a great idea honey!
Oh i'm nervous too. Look at it this way, if things don't go our way, you can crawl under the covers for a few days and try to sleep it off!
Thanks for all your sweet comments. I always love to hear from you!
xo Lisa

Ella said...

Hope you will be better, and that the Cats are playing so good so you don't have to feel worse of all nervousness.

About Last Weekend said...

I love that you are so enthusiastic about your local team - how fun. Get better soon, get load of rest this weekend. And many congrats to your Dad -what is he going to do with his retirement? (I guess everyone is asking him that!)

Farmchick said...

Go Big Blue!!!

bevy said...

Go Cats - but only for basketball! ;)

Your boys are at South Carolina this weekend to play our #3 Gamecocks on the baseball diamond... We'll be there tomorrow.