Monday, April 18, 2011

Princess for a Day

Well, it may not be Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it certainly gave my daughter a thrill to meet the Kentucky Derby Festival Queen, Trisha Maclin, and her court on Sunday during the Children's Tea with the Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses.

The event was held at the historic Seelbach Hotel (F. Scott Fitzgerald's stomping grounds when he was stationed at Louisville's Camp Taylor), where current and past Derby Princesses mingled with young ladies, enjoyed tea and walked the runway with the little girls. Miss E. was in heaven, as she gathered princess goodies, enjoyed finger sandwiches and cupcakes (although, she made a face after drinking the tea and asked for lemonade) and even won a giveaway. Before we started to eat, a past Derby Princess, whom I know from Junior League, gave an etiquette lesson, and to Miss E.'s credit, she followed along nicely.

After tea, each little girl was given a rose and allowed to "walk the runway" as her name was announced. They also had a professional photo taken with a princess.

Here's Miss E. with Derby Princess Caitlin Carter, a student at Western Kentucky University.

While folks outside of Louisville may see this as very pageant-like, or perhaps a little silly, these young woman are far from that. They serve as ambassadors for the city leading up to the Derby, attending just about every event (more than 70 events taking place during festival). Plus, there are major scholarship dollars involved - a huge reason why many young woman apply for the court. Many princesses have gone on to hold impressive positions in and outside the community, including former Kentucky governor Martha Layne Collins.

Here Miss E. and I are in our matching pink finery. Not sure why I look stiff as a board in this photo. Perhaps I stood that way because I was self-conscious of that dress. Putting it on a second time, I found it unflattering - perhaps it's the empire-style waist. Oh, well. I'm taking it to be altered today - just didn't have enough time prior to the tea.

Miss E. on the steps in the lobby of the Seelbach Hotel

After the festivities came to an end, we ventured home with our princess swag in tow. Miss E. gave her M&Ms to her brother, which thrilled him to no end. Hubby and Little Man had their own guys' day together, which culminated in stumbling upon a Revolutionary War reenactment at George Rogers Clarks' historic plantation. The two of them stopped the car across the street with some other passers-by and watched the festivities. A smoothie and muskets - can't beat that!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Sundresses and Smiles said...

what fun! i would have died to have gone to something like this when i was that age!

Danielle said...

What a beautiful princess! And I love your dress!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Tiara's are so girly.
doesn't every girl deserve one?

What fun for you both!

Kerr said...

you two are adorable in your matching pink dresses!

Jennifer said...

what a fun way to spend the weekend..cute dresses! I love tea time and a war reenactment is a close second!!
Jennifer aka Gigi

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I would rather spend three years with even the 4H county fair runner-up than hear another word about this insipid royal wedding. It frosts me righteous to hear Americans fawning and doting over this thing like pre-Revolutionary loyalists. Having the young gal meet real people (Derby Queen, etc.) is normalizing and well-adjusted. And I say good for these Derby Queens for taking this time to meet the young ones and teach them that there is value in poise. Well played!

Renée Finberg said...

these will al be pic to treasure forever.
i think the dress looks just fine!!!

*i love the pic on the staircase best

About Last Weekend said...

What a wonderful magical day for a lovely little girl!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Oh, she looks darling and I bet she had so much fun. You look pretty darling, too, in your pink dress! xo

Tessa said...

are you nuts??!! you and Miss E look beautiful in you new Lilly dresses!!! you've got a great figure, work it! :)