Monday, April 11, 2011

Return from Spring Break

Spring break is over and all the kiddos return to school today. We didn't travel anywhere this year, but I didn't mind. I like it when the city seems less crowded. We could sleep a few minutes later each day because there was less traffic. The office was quiet since many folks were out of town, so I could catch up on work. And, it was especially nice not being cramped in the Family Truckster for 12 hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-65 South.

It's weird, because you know that more people stay home during spring break than not. Yet, when I went for a walk in the neighborhood on Saturday, it seemed like a ghost town. Many places looked deserted. It's at that point where you do feel like you're the only ones who stayed behind. But, our turn is coming this summer, so I didn't have any pangs of jealousy over not having ventured to the beach last week. I was plenty happy with my Friday off with the kids.

We enjoyed a cookout last evening (it reached 86 degrees yesterday!) and watched the final round of the Masters. Good showing, Mr. Schwartzel. Sad to see young Irishman Rory McIlroy have a complete meltdown during the final round. Poor guy. But, he's only 21. He'll be back.

For those of you with kids or who are teachers/students, have you had a spring break yet? Will you be traveling or enjoying time at home? 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Prayers requested: We had a another family health-scare last week, so dear friends, please keep my mother-in-law in your prayers. She suffered a stroke last Wednesday. In less than a year's time, Hubby's mom and my mom have been hit with strokes. MIL is improving and making progress with her therapy. Thank God we have both our moms with us - they are fighters!
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LPC said...

Oh, so sorry about the health scare. Sending hopes for a speedy recovery.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Increasingly we find that any public holiday is best spent at home, thus avoiding crowds and, as you suggest, there is something rather nice about deserted streets and a sense of solitude.
We are so sorry to learn of illness in your family and do hope that all will be well.

Tote said...

Prayers for your mom and MIL.
Glad you had a nice break. It is nice to stay home and catch up with things.


High Heeled Life said...

Thoughts and prayers for your MIL, may she recover quickly and succesfully. This year so far we have not ventured off, as much as I would have liked to jump on an airplane and dash off somewhere warm.... but we are looking forward to escaping during the summer months...xo HHL

paula said...

sounds like a lovely break. My favorite kind. I most definitely pray for your mother in law.

Nelle Somerville said...

So sorry to hear about your mom and MIL. Prayers are on the way!

About Last Weekend said...

Our spring break just starts next week and I'm sitting here in my winter coat! Im so sorry about your health scare - take care!

Tessa said...

we had a staycation too, but ours was miserable b/c both kiddos and me were sick. glad you enjoyed yours! i too felt like we were the only ones who stayed behind!
prayers for your MIL!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

spring breaks at home are the best in my's usually at that point that i'm dying of exhaustion and love to just go home and relax! and my thoughts and prayers will certainly be with your family!

Jennifer said...

Cookout sound like fun...warm at the Jersey Shore today...guess you can get back to a routine w the kids in school!(gardening in my bathing suit)

I will be praying for you MIL and Mom. Getting to hosp quickly is so important...been there w my parents..God is our present help!
always great to hear from you!

Ella said...

Sorry to hear about your family, hope they recover.

We have our Easter holiday next week which we look forward to very much so we can be together in our lake house.

pve design said...

Thinking of you here - as I visit with my family and enjoy time in Louisville. My Father had a stroke nearly 7 years ago and with love and therapy he has gained so much.
Prayers to you and your family.
Love to meet you for a coffee - during a visit and hope to send your artwork this month. Our Spring Break is coming up! I love it - even if we will be staying home.

The Southland Life said...

prayers you way! it is soo hot here too! looks like we are in for an intense summer as usual!

James said...

God speed your MIL's recovery.

Town and Country Mom said...

Saying a prayer for your mil's speedy recovery. Our spring break is still a week away, and we are staying home. Well, actually our youngest is going to visit her grandparents' house, so we will try some new restaurants and maybe see a movie or two.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Russ! Sparky! Get in the car!
We're about to hit the road and I'm dreading the gas pump!!!

On a more serious note, I'm terribly sorry to hear the news about your MIL. Her progress sounds promising, though. I'll keep them both in my prayers, Jen!!! Warmly, Tiffany