Friday, September 16, 2011

Bridge to Nowhere

Warning: The following is a rant. But, it's followed by happier words. :)

This week has been beyond crazy. Not only have I been up to my eyeballs in deadlines and putting out fires at work, but the commute in and around town has been insane, to say the least.

See, a bridge in our community that crosses the Ohio River was closed last weekend because a crack was found in the structure. This is a bridge that generally carries about 50,000 cars to and from Louisville each day. The decision to close the bridge was the right one, especially in light of the catastrophic collapse of a bridge in Minneapolis a few years ago that killed many people. We certainly don't want that.

But, the discussion about building additional bridges - one in the east end of town and another downtown - has been going on for YEARS and no one has acted upon it. Now, we're in dire straights, down to only two bridges to carry HUGE numbers of commuters each day. And, unfortunately, the intersection where this all comes together downtown surrounds my office building and parking garage, therefore creating mass chaos at the end of each work day. City planners say it's going to be three weeks just to EVALUATE the damage. What the what???

So, each day I curse our local politicans who have not moved forward on this, as well as the well-to-do members of an environmental group who filed lawsuits against building an east end bridge. They claim it's to preserve the land, but it's really to preserve their property value. Do I sound bitter? Well, it's because I am. And don't even get my parents started on the issue. They live on the other side of the bridge and have to leave at 6 o'too-damn-early in the morning to get to work or appointments.

Sorry for the rant, it's just been a tough week. Anyone else deal with this nonsense where you live? Or do you live in a more progressive city/town?

In other news, I do have something to be really excited about this weekend: University of Kentucky football! The Cats take on little brother "rival" the University of Louisville this weekend. Shouldn't be much of a match up - Louisville's not all that. But, it will be fun to be back on campus, tailgating and cheering on the home team. And, the weather is going to be ideal - sunny and 75 degrees. After this terrible week, God is rewarding us with a very nice weekend. Thank you, Lord!

Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy the weekend!
Image from Kentucky Ville and The Courier-Journal Facebook page 


Ella said...

We have the same problem with bridges, or the lack of bridges... AND everybody wants them but not on their own property! Now when they repair the most important one the in the middle of the town the traffic gets much slower and in this little town people are not use to that.

I think your problem is much more complicated with the number of people where you live.

Hope you will have a great weekend!

Town and Country Mom said...

Sorry about your traffic issues--extremely frustrating. I am blessed to live in a very pro-active city,, but even so, there is always a group of whiners who don't want anything to change--ever. Enjoy your weekend--soon fall will really be here!

High Heeled Life said...

Even here in the countryside, people seem to hesitate change, often resulting in "what were they thinking?" moments. Hope the work schedule lightens, and the traffic and bridge challenges are resolved faster than expected. Kick back enjoy your beautiful weather and may your team win!!! Blessings, xo HHL

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

We have two bridges linking the western part of town to downtown and they are finally rebuilding the oldest one over 100 years old. They are going to build it right beside the old one and then when the new one is finished they'll demolish the old one. It took engineers from London to design this new bridge and working plan.

I totally understand your frustration. I wonder if some employers would allow people to work from home in view of the problems.

Hope you put your feet up and enjoy some fun weekend time.

Renée Finberg said...

it seems to me to be the the same all over...
unless it is a brand new town.
and then it was put together with substandard materials from china.

poop in a pot is what we got!!!!!