Friday, September 23, 2011

Google+ is Looking Better and Better

Not sure, but I'm thinking Mark Zuckerberg may be My Space-ing Facebook right into the hands of Google+ with this new overhaul.

In case you haven't heard the full details, here's a recent article about the upcoming updates, or as I've tagged it, REVOLUTION OF CHANGE, afoot at Facebook.

I'm on Facebook, but the constant changes to try to "enhance" the user experience or make a more "robust" social networking site are wearing on me. Maybe it's time to step back from FB and find out more about Google+. (For one reason, Google was created by my fellow Gen Xers. Take that, Zuckerberg.)

What are your thoughts on the latest changes with Facebook? Have you tried Google+? What do you think?

TGIF, friends. This week was, well, let's not even go there. I'm just ready to enjoy the time with family and friends this weekend.

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mise said...

I must try to get to grips with Google +, having already decided that Facebook is not for me - too much trivia, too much exploitation of information. I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend!

Jo said...

I've shied away from Facebook for many reasons but the biggest being that I'm a teacher and we seem to get judged rather harshly for things we say and do ~ so much for the human factor! However, many that I've talked to have had it and are on their way out.

Cheers to a relaxing weekend with the family.


helen tilston said...

I am frustrated with facebook and its need to constantly change. Initially I liked it for the ability to keep in touch with friends and family but it is receiving less and less visits of late.
I must, like Mise, get with it and Google +

Hope your weekend is joyful

Main Line Sportsman said...

That is hilarious...there has been much whining on FB and it has amused me.

High Heeled Life said...

I have managed to stay away from FB ( I know so many people who are always on it .. and have heard so much negative things [though they still use it]) ... As for Google+ I have not explored it ... hope you'll share your thoughts/experiences, if you decide to give it a try. Happy Friday!! xo HHL

LPC said...

I'm on Google +, as me:). Never really did embed much on Facebook.

annechovie said...

Hope this week is better for you! I think FB is mostly a waste of time - and a popular venue for narcissists who need lots of attention and like to post their every move "look at me, look at me". So lame. I only have an account for business reasons and dont usually post anything personal on there.