Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Designer Show House: Stonecote Estate

Another show house fundraiser is upon us in my neck of the woods, and this particular one is a must-see.

The Bellarmine University Women’s Council is hosting it's 38th Annual Designers' Show House, which, in my humble opion, is the best among the different tours/showcases of homes held throughout the year. This year’s feature home is the Stonecote estate and from the photos I’ve seen in our local paper, I may have to buy my tickets today. (For my family and friends from this area, it's near Cherokee and Seneca Parks, so you have an idea of where this sits - on five acres, no less.)

While I’m not crazy about every room, given that several designers work on the house and are assigned different rooms, for the most part, it’s fabulous. Here is a taste of Stonecote. Judge for yourself.

This is a bedroom in the pool house, and below is a den and kitchenette, also in the pool house. Seriously.

I've heard the house is for sale, but not sure if that's just rumor or fact. If it is for sale and you're in the market for a newly refurbished home - and can afford to drop a few million - consider Stonecote. My family and I would love to visit you and hang out by the pool. :)

Have a great week, kids. Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather like we are here. It's good for the soul.
Images from Bellamine University and The Courier-Journal


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I LOVE showcase homes. So much fun to look at and see the different styles!

Tote said...

I think I could be very comfortable there. Awesome kitchen.

Bring Pretty Back said...

Can you even imagine living like this!!!
Have a pretty day!

Farmchick said...

I could be happy just living in the pool house :)

Jennifer said...

love the house...a girl can dream!
Hope you are enjoying some "me" time since the kids are in school!

Ella said...

What about a good book while sitting on the porch in one of the armchairs....I can a least dream about it!

About Last Weekend said...

Beautiful, I love all the white. And its so fun to peek into someone else's home...