Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where the Elephant Lives

This week at school, Miss E. can earn bonus points if she creates a diorama of an animal habitat. She has chosen the home of an elephant. When I asked her how she would decorate the diorama, a.k.a., shoe box, she said "I'll use some hay for the bottom and bars for the fence."

Sigh. This is why I have such mixed emotions about the zoo.

You'll be glad to know, though, that after some discussion and "research" of a true elephant habitat, Babar will have an African savanna-type homestead, rather than that of the Louisville Zoological Gardens.

This reminded me of the old commercial advertising Fisher-Price's "See and Say," the toy where you pull the string, it lands on a photo of a certain animal, then mimics that animal's sound. The commercial urged parents of city kids to buy the toy, panning to a little boy at an urban park petting zoo waving to a sheep and saying, "Hi, doggie!"

I still laugh thinking about it.
Image from The New York Times


pve design said...

I cry when I go to the zoo in L-ville. It seems so un Babar like. Show us your daughter's shoebox!
I have not forgotten you, the renovation just has taken over my life....along with sending our twins off to college.

Renée Finberg said...

babar is everything!!!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen today, my friend

kary and teddy

sweetpea said...

oh, I love Babar....happy she is creating a good home! And yes, show pictures!!!

High Heeled Life said...

It is amazing how children see the world (that we show them)... So glad that she has a wonderful mommy, who asked the question and also took the time to show her what a natural habitat for Babar really is!!

Hope you will share the finished product with us... xo Blessings, HHL