Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I’ve been looking for new candles for the dining room, so I think I may order some striped tapers from Ana Candles. There are a variety of holiday colors to choose from, but I really like the “Bamboo Mint” tapers, which I think would look great on my dining room table any time of year. We’re having family over for lunch on Christmas day, so maybe I’ll also order the Morris Green – Scarlet or the Mistletoe for a more festive setting. Besides tapers, they also have pillar candles, stationery and other good things.
Photo courtesy of anacandles.com


Pug1 said...

Those candles sound lovely..what will you be serving? CHEERS! Michele

JMW said...

We're going to make it really simple - chicken salad, a couple of side dishes. My mom may make a strata that's delicious. We'll have to see.