Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tree - Real or Faux?

I'm a purist when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I gotta have a real tree. We always had real trees growing up and for many years, my family traveled to a nearby farm to cut our own white pine. Since I've been married, Hubby and I always get Fraser firs. They're so beautiful and smell wonderful. Unfortunately, we can't cut them here - most are shipped in from North Carolina. So, we go to the the tree lot and purchase one. Some may think that cutting down trees is a wasteful practice, and I can see your point. I do admire the folks who buy live trees and then plant them after the holidays. But, since we don't have a plantation home on 40 + acres, we'll continue our tradition. We do hang a faux wreath on the door, so I guess I do bend the rules a bit there.

So, dear readers, please share your Christmas tree preferences with me - faux or real? I'd love to hear from you. (And, thanks to my cousin, P., for the suggested topic.)
Photo courtesy of Southernliving.com


Pug1 said...

Hi, I like your blog! I tend to like real trees, you just can't beat the fragrance in the air! CHEERS! Michele

JMW said...

Thanks, Michele! Yep, real trees have the best fragance.

Nick said...

I love a real tree. It is so much fun finding the perfect tree, getting home and decorating it. You also can't beat the smell!

Nick said...

Nick is actually Patsy!