Friday, February 27, 2009

J. Peterman Company

I always loved getting the J. Peterman catalog in the mail, with the wonderful narratives and illustrations of the merchandise. When J. Peterman had a store in Lexington in the early 1990s, I recall browsing through the exotic wares of pith helmets, vintage-style dresses made of Chinese silk, Indian rugs, and even an antique motorcycle with sidecar. It was like visiting a museum of sorts, but everything was for sale.

Then, Seinfeld came along and brought J. Peterman to life, so to say, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, the business didn’t fare well and the retail store closed. But, J. Peterman was revived a few years ago, with the return of the narrative catalog and a thriving e-commerce business. So, if you haven’t visited J. Peterman online, give it a look. It’s like catching up with an old friend.
The "New Music Dress" courtesy of J. Peterman Company.

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ChelseaMarie said...

I remember going to the store in Lexington with my parents when I was younger we would spend forever in there browsing at all they had!