Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Recap

Sorry I neglected to share the details of our Valentine's Day celebration on Saturday so here it goes. We started the morning off early, since the kiddos were up and ready to go. Hubby had gone out the night before to buy the cutest decorative bags for them, some Hershey Kisses, a little headband for our daughter (I was talking him through it on the phone) and a Batman character for our son. They loved it. Hubby also liked his SoPro gear - the shotgun tie and Southern "drawls" aka, boxers adorned with marlins. Oh la la! When I went downstairs to the kitchen, there was a big box with a teddy bear and card sitting on top. He got me the Hunter Wellies! They're black with a red and black striped clasp on the side. The only problem? Way too big. I didn't know that Wellies ran large - I guess I should have done my research. Anyway, I'll likely send them back and try to get a smaller size (and some Wellie socks to go with them).

My mother-in-law then picked up the kids in the afternoon for a trip to the museum, Chuckie Cheese and then an overnight stay at her house. They were in heaven. Meanwhile, Hubby and I sprung for a cab, trotted down to Old Louisville and enjoyed an amazing dinner at 610 Magnolia. Being the Kentucky girl I am, I started off with an Old Fashioned and then we got an exquisite bottle of red wine. I was very daring and had the venison and elk for my entree. Delicious! Stuffed to the gills and not knowing quite what to do with ourselves, we caught a cab home and cuddled up to a movie. Do I have an awesome husband or what?

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QueenBeeSwain said...

best v-day that I've heard of that anyone had this v-day weekend :) your date sounds fab and I bet that the kids were just in hog-heaven with all of the great things they got to do!