Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best Episode Ever!

Do you watch "Lost?" Last night's episode was fantastic! Some questions answered, many more raised. Hard to believe the season is almost over.

One of my coworkers is not convinced that Jacob is good and thinks that the Man in Black, now known as Fake Locke or "Flock," may actually be a good guy. I'm not convinced.

So, if you watch the show, what are your theories? Is the island pergatory? Discuss!
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P.S. - My apologies to readers who are not followers of the TV show "Lost." I'm sure this post seems rather cryptic, much like the program itself. I promise we will return to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. :)


Natasha said...

I think I must be the only person in the world who doesn't watch this...I must be really missing out!

Hope that you have been well and that you are enjoying the Spring-time weather!

Best wishes, Natasha.

Amy R. said...

I watch, I watch!! Okay, we know that Ricardo is dead because he hasn't aged. Now, I am thinking that they all did die in the crash and now it will depend on their actions while in pergatory to determine heaven or hell. I just don't know who is good and evil on this show. What does the sub represent? Who is inside Syeed (I don't know how to spell his name)? Is the show showing us what kind of life they would have led if the plan had not crashed. So many unanswered questions! Are you going to have a party for the last episode?

Amy R.

lisagh said...

Love this show and LOVE that t-shirt! I'm gonna have to track one down.

anon said...

My husband has the same theory as your coworker. He claims that when Sayid didn't pass the test for good or evil, it was proof. Sayid failed the test because he was good, not evil. The Asian man never said he was evil, just that he failed. The Asian man is, of course, on Jacob's side.

Also, "Flock" said that Jacob tricked him. My husband said they call him the man in black to make it ironic.

It makes sense, only the "Smoke" kills a lot of people. Other than that, he's not unlikeable. He also gave Richard back his cross. Can't see the Devil doing that.