Friday, March 26, 2010

Paula, Ina and Their Homes

Paula Deen in her Savannah kitchen

Garden party at Ina Garten's East Hampton home

If ever there was a dream kitchen, it would be that of The Lady herself, Paula Deen. How I love the space she has created in her Savannah home! And, not just the kitchen, but the entire home. While it's a newer house, it oozes traditional low-country style. Simply lovely.

While on maternity leave with each of my children, I became a Food Network junkie, never missing Paula's show, as well as the Barefoot Contessa - talk about a gorgeous house! And have you seen her garden? Divine. I loved seeing their homes as much as the delicious, and highly caloric, dishes they concocted each episode. Yeah, I think my kids' first word may have been "mayonnaise," thanks to Paula and Ina.

Our own kitchen renovation is winding down. The painting is complete and all we have left are the new countertops and back splash. I know, I've been neglectful in posting photos of the progress. I'll try to get it on this weekend. But, with two soccer games and a Junior League volunteer event tomorrow, no guarantee that will happen. Plus, my Cats made it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament, so there will be a huge focus on basketball this weekend. I'll try, though, I promise. :)

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!
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sara said...

I LOVE Paula's kitchen - I've saved a slew of photos that I have found of the space online in my "house inspiration" folder. Can't wait to see your kitchen remodel! And what about those Cats?? It's rough this morning after a late night, but well worth it!

Beth Dunn said...

Dream kitchen!

myletterstoemily said...

i adore march madness! hope your
cats win their game.

i also adore ina. her grey/blue eye
shadow/liner and lovely bob:gorgeous.

never knew anyone who could do
their eyes that way.

and don't get me started on her home,
recipes, garden!

about paula, i will have to refer to
'thumper' and say, i 'shore do love
her kichen!"

Samma said...

I love both of these ladies' kitchens. Sigh- I basically want Ina's entire lifestyle to be honest.

Paula's counters are soapstone, just like my parents' kitchen. That is definitely what I will use in the dreamhouse kitchen.

LindsB said...

It would be fun to go to a party at their homes- get a peek for ourselves what the whole thing looks like :)

Jennnifer said...

Hi! so nice to highlight Paula & Ina...such inspirations. I got to hear Paula, Rachel & Giada speak in Atlantic City.(different times) Paula was hilarious (a real potty mouth)...I asked a question to Giada, and Rachel signed my book & took about an extra hour signing & speaking to each fan!

We also ate at Paula's "Lady & Sons Rest" in Savannah...A must do! When she spoke she confessed she had a 10 yr affair w a married man...admits a it is so great to see how happy she is w Michael!

Another confession, Paula said she smokes- it worries me that she needs to take better care....w all the butta too! But I love her. I also visited her cousin Johnnies Rest in Marietta...YUM! I need to blog & show more pics of these lovely ladies! Thanks y'all ...Jennifer aka Gigi

Jennnifer said...

PS: Cant wait to see pics of your kitchen! Going to The Hampton's is on my To Do list for a vacation!These ladies are such good PR for their towns!

Jo said...

If only I had such a kitchen ... I try to catch their shows over the weekend if we are home and I have some free time.

Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen!


bevy said...

Go SEC Cats!!!

Oh... and the kitchens are great. Love the fireplace in Paula's. I'm sure you are putting on in too!?!? LOL

Lily Lemontree said...

I love Paula and Ina...and their beautiful kitchens!

Trish said...

I adore Paula's kitchen! The exposed brick, and the range, and all the homey! Ina has fabulous taste in food and decor too. Ahh..just love them both! XOOXOX

Anonymous said...


JMW said...

Looks like we're all lovers of Paula's kitchen - who wouldn't be?

Jennifer - thanks for stopping by! fun that you dined at The Lady & Sons!

Bevy, of course we included a fireplace in the renovation of our kitchen - makes for great pizza nights (I wish!)

And, on a sad note, my Cats lost to WV last night. I'm pretty bummed. But, it was a great run while it lasted. Go Cats!

Chic Coles said...

Paula kitchen is so warm and cozy. I have always wanted a fireplace in the kitchen and dining room for that matter.

CRICKET said...

I love both but if I had to choose it would be Ina's as its not as cluttered.