Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Decor and Ice at the Door

Well, the kids are home from school yet again. This time around, ice and sleet hit the region, so the roads are pretty darn slick. The kids are watching "Curious George" while Hubby and I work on our respective laptops. Ain't technology grand?

So, while at home, I've taken some shots of random holiday items, including our tree. Please excuse the quality - these were taken with my phone.

I bought this pillow at one of the Christmas craft fairs I attended this season. I think it fits my kids well, considering the antics of late.

The other night, we stopped by our favorite Irish restaurant (where Hubby and and I first met) for some pub grub with the kids. 

This little elf was a tad to full of energy, not able to sit still and actually fell out of the booth. Friends asured me that that wasn't the first time that has happened at the pub. :)

Meanwhile, this little elf had difficulty keeping her voice at a normal level, clearly out of excitement over eating out and anticipation of the holidays. I'm pretty sure there is no button on this child to turn down the volume. It's set on full throttle. Needless to say, these kids are wired for sound heading into the holidays.

Back to holiday decor, I purchased these coasters at the same craft fair. I had them out for our holiday get-together last Saturday. I like them - kinda fun.

Finally, we have a print that was given to us by a good friend, Doreen. Doreen is great graphic designer that Hubby and I have worked on projects and her twin sister, Jeaneen, is a local artist. The sisters have collaborated on artwork for the Kentucky Derby Festival and St. James Art Fair and the posters always look amazing. Last year, Jeaneen released a Santa print that was very popular in this area. Doreen gave it to us a housewarming gift. This guy is the latest additon to our house and we are displaying him with Christmas pride!

If you're home with the kiddos for a snow/ice day, hang in there. Hopefully we'll get the free-and-clear for them to return tomorrow. Although, in our case, Miss E. only has a half-day on Friday and is then out for Christmas vacation. So, not much else to wrap-up at this point, at least for kindergarteners. And, if you don't have snow and ice, count yourself lucky as you count your days down to the holidays.

Take it easy, folks. The weekend is almost upon us.


Courtney said...

i lOVE that santa! how awesome! :) Merry Christmas!

Lily Lemontree said...

What beautiful decorations! I love that Santa print and those coasters, how cute!
Enjoy your day at home!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I'm kind of jealy so many of y'all are enjoying snowy/icy weather. My sister just texted me from D.C. a pic the snow. We were in the 70's yesterday! One day I'm adding another blanket to the bed, the next I'm kicking them all off and turning the fan on.

Love that santa print & your little elves!

Kerr said...

be careful if you venture out onto the roads. my mom says its pretty nasty up there today. merry xmas!

Main Line Sportsman said...

The tree is classic...and lovely.

Tessa said...

I'll take snow over ice, ouch! Be careful if you venture out! Your kids are TOO cute! Enjoy celebrating your first Xmas in the new house. Your tree looks so pretty and I think the Santa print is fab!! What a perfect house warming gift!! I'm always happy that we have a few doctor and lawyer friends in case we are ever in a bind, but no artists! Shoot!

Tote said...

Your elves are so cute! That Santa print is awesome. Good luck next week with the little ones.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

SO beautiful. I am finally getting excited about Christmas. I have been too busy, like everyone else.
I hope all is well.

Natasha said...

I so wish that we were in the middle of some cold and Christmassy weather at the moment. It is stormy here too but it is hot and humid and really uncomfortable.

We have just returned from a week's vacation so I am a little behind in reading your news and commenting-sorry! I loved seeing all your Christmas decorations. I also love the pics of your happy elves!

I hope the weather improves a little for you. Have a beautiful weekend with your sweet family.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I love "define good"

bevy said...

Your children have absolutely the cutest smiles!