Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Last year, we started a tradition of giving the kids Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. I had heard of other people doing it - including many of my blogger friends - so we decided to pick up the practice in our home.  Christmas Eve, before we leave for Mass, the kids will again open packages featuring their new pajamas. (They certainly need new PJs - what the heck are these kids doing by getting so big?)

I'll be sporting my flannel reindeer lounge pants I got last year at Old Navy. They're comfortable and no need to buy another set of PJs for me. I'm certainly not growing like the kids - nor have I grown in other ways, thank God. :) Although, if I were to get new PJs, I'd love a pair of these Vinyard Vines lounge pants. Cute and comfy!

Another tradition we've continued this year is "Elf on a Shelf." Last year, our Elf, Jack, was a gift we received just a couple of weeks before Christmas. This year, Jack made his first appearance on Dec. 1 and each day, Hubby and I have to find a new hiding space for him.
If you're not familiar with Elf on a Shelf, he's a special elf doll who stays with your family until Christmas, and each morning he appears in a different place, watching what's going on and reporting back to Santa each night. (A friend of ours said this is a bit creepy. Yeah, kinda). The kids have to seek him out each morning; it's a fun little activity for them leading up to the holidays. Meanwhile, for parents, it's another thing to try to remember each evening, as you relocate Jack to his new place. Add the fact that last year, Mommy thought it would be a good idea to leave a little note each morning from Jack to the kids, putting more work into the process. Yeah, that was a tad bit insane on my part. But, the kids love it and so that makes it worth while. Except on those mornings when we realize we didn't move Jack from the night before, nor did we write a note, so some creative scurrying has to take place behind the scenes to continue the magical facade. Sigh.

So, dear friends, what are some Christmas traditions in your home? Cookie-making? Caroling? I would love to hear about it!
Images from Vineyard Vines and Elf on a Shelf

P.S. - Please keep my Little Guy in your prayers. He was up late last night sick to his stomach and is feeling pretty lousy. (It wasn't pretty - let's just say I was washing my hair at 10 p.m.) Fingers crossed that this is just a 24-hour bug and he's much better by Christmas.


bevy said...

I have Albert the Elf in my classroom this year. I thorny fourth graders would be too old... But NO! They loved him!

So hoping Little Guy is on the mend!

I'll be blogging our Christmas tradition late on the 23rd... Know all will be waiting with bated breath!

Waiting for your email!!! ;)

bevy said...

Not "thorny"... "thought"! Stupid autocorrect!!!

coolkids said...

we have elf on the shelf as well. I also get my kids a pair of new pj's but usually they get them a week or 2 before christmas. We will be making cookies for santa on christmas eve morning. I always make a egg casserole that I prepare the night that is in the oven while we open all the gifts. Yum!

Elizabeth said...

we do pjs too! we open them on christmas eve, and ella is given a gift to open which is a game. that night is spent in our pjs playing the game as a family. we also read the night before christmas before bedtime. this year since she is a bit older we'll probably leave cookies out for santa! have a merry christmas!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love giving the pjs. I hope the little one gets better really soon.
Have a wonderful Christmas, Jen!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Hope Little Guy makes a speedy recovery...get him to drink flat ginger a treat for tummy troubles.

Like the Little Elf tradition!
New cozy pj's make for a restful slumber...

Happy Holidays!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Christmas pj's are such a great tradition and I hope he get better for Christmas! xx

Tessa said...

I have a love hate relationship with that Elf. I didn't write notes, but I did get a little too creative with the hiding spots last year. Raised the bar a little too high -- suspended from the ceiling, eating cookies, flying toy airplanes -- you get the idea...hard to replicate each night!
Hope your little one is one the mend soon, nothing worse "spitties" (as we call them) in the middle of the night.

James said...

You two are such good parents. The wonderful memories you are creating for your children. God bless your little guy's heart and make him well. Happy Christmas!

Danielle said...

We're starting the pj tradition this year too. I've heard so many people that do it and it sounds like a great idea - not to mention the cute pictures it provides on Christmas morning!

I love your idea of the elf leaving little notes. I think that might be just the thing we need to help with behavior. It doesn't seem to be enough that the elf is watching and listening. Maybe the written proof would do the trick. Great idea!

Tote said...

My grand children have the Elf on the Shelf. They love the book and want to read it all the time. It is such a cute tradition.
Hope your little guy feels better by Christmas. It seems I always had one of my kids sick at Christmas time! Looking back at the pictures, you can always tell which one it was.
Have a joyous Holiday!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Love the PJ tradition. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th, but still, I might incorporate new PJs for the family from now on.
Hope that Little Guy will feel better soon! xx

LPC said...

Crossing fingers for Little Guy. See if the Elf has some magic potion to offer:).

High Heeled Life said...

Hope your little guy is feeling the pj tradition. I have a thing about starting the new New Year with new sheets and pillows...

Hope to make new traditions for Christmas 2011

Thank you for your wonderful posts throughout the year. And thank you for your visits and sweet encouraging words, know that your comments have a made a difference in my life.
Blessings to you and your family , Merry Christmas..xo HHL

Lily Lemontree said...

Oh my goodness, I hope he feels better soon! No one should be sick for Christmas especially not a little one!

We follow both of your traditions too! They get to open their new Christmas pj's before we head to my in-laws on Christmas Eve and our elf comes for his long visit on December 1. Can't tell you how many mornings I scramble to get out of bed before the kids just so that I can move that little elf, having forgotten the night before!!

Wishing you and your lovely family a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year my friend!

Southern H and H said...

I know how you're feeling. All three of mine have colds. If I hear one more cough I might have to get ear plugs! Hope your little one is better soon!

I've done cmas jammies since my first was born. I'm quite sure they will just love the photos of themselves in matching jammies when they're teenagers. ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

North of 25A said...

A little fellow not feeling well for Christmas is no fun at all as I remember all too well. Sending all good wishes your way. I LOVE the Elf on a Shelf! I work in a school and to watch the early childhood kids is to see what true believers really look like - such joy. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!